Welcome to my new Edith!!

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  1. She finally arrived yesterday! I have been so busy showing her off, and now I will do that virtually as well! :upsidedown:

    I love love lover her!!

    I was so excited...


    the moment of truth....

    TADA!! Welcome to the world, Edith!:tender:
  2. pictures continued...



    just took these pics of me & Edith, but it's night out so they are kind of dark:

    it just about fits under my arm..

    one big happy family (some bags are missing though, didn't want to wake mommy up)

    So can I join Edith lovers club:heart: now?? :love:
  3. Gorgeous :love:
  4. Oooooohhhh...so pebbly! You look so pretty with her on!!! Don't forget to join the Edith Lover's Club Thread! :yahoo:
  5. Stunning - whiskey is such a lovely colour.

    I adore your Chanel as well. You've got some great bags there. :love:
  6. thank you guys! I would never have gone ahead if it wasn't for you and this wonderful forum :smile: you made me realize how fab she is! Chloe really is the best... - Could Pheobe Philo adopt me please??
  7. I am so happy that you finally received your Edith! You look FABULOUS together!!! You are making me think about a second Edith in gris-vert!
  8. OMG she is beautiful!!! i love your collection!!!
  9. :nuts:Wow...just beautiful! You wear it very well. May I ask how tall you are? :rolleyes:
  10. Congratulations! Your Edith is fabulous and looks great on you! Enjoy it in the best of health!
  11. Very beautiful. You have a lovely bag family there:P
  12. You look great modeling your whiskey Edith. Congratulations. :yahoo:
  13. agnes, your chloe is gorgeous! It's nice that you can fit yours under your arm...I need a skinnier arm cos mine doesn't fit so nicely...time to hit the gym :sad:
  14. oh thank you guys!!!!! It makes me so happy that you think she is pretty! :smile:

    debsmith - If it helps, I am 168.5 cm tall (which is 5ft 6" ?) and she suits me perfectly. Could not have gone with the bigger size though, even though I prefer shoulder bags..
    I have quite tiny arms and without out a jacket she's right in my armpit , so I have to remember the deoderant! Edith would not like sweat stains all over her..haha ;)
  15. Congrats!!!
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