Welcome to my Gladys in Gris Clair!! Shes a beauty

  1. Hi all,

    Yesterday i recieved my Chloe Gladys. The leather is so soft to touch and looks smooshy just like the paddington. When i first saw this bag in the store i loved the style but i thought the leather looked too "stiff". But this Gladys is pre-loved and the leather is TDF!!

    I love this bag.... not only because its georgous but also because its not as common as the paddy. Don't get me wrong i love the paddy too!!

    Here she is.... oh and do you like how i added my own little touch with the photo? hehe:heart:
    100_3396.JPG 100_3397.JPG 100_3399.JPG 100_3400.JPG
  2. Congratulations, it's a beautiful gray bag, great color for fall.
    I had a black one sent to me by mistake last year, I had ordered an Edith, so I sent it back, wish I had kept it, I really liked it, it is a classy bag. Again, congrats and enjoy!!
  3. Congrats! It's a beauty. I love the color.
  4. Congrats! The bag is beautiful, may I ask, what color is it?
  5. The colour is called Gris Clair. Basically an elephant grey! :smile:
  6. I've seen this bag, it's gorgeous!!!!!
  7. She's beautiful FendiFan! Congratulations.
    Love, LOVE Gladys. Were did you find her?
  8. Congrats--that's a beauty!!
  9. ITA I'm the same about my bags too. I like the ones that aren't as popular. When I get complements I know it's on the craftsmanship and design and not because it's an "it" bag. But I love all the "it" bags too!!!
  10. I got her off eBay from.... i believe.... a TPF member?? either way she was lovely and so is the bag!!:tup:
  11. Congrats on a great bag!
  12. Wow, i love that. The Gladys never really appealed to me before, but this one is a beauty!:drool:
    Congrats, and enjoy!:heart: