Welcome to my first Bbag : Sandstone GH Hobo

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  1. Hi everyone!

    First Bbag and first post here for me :rolleyes:

    Just wanted to share pics of this beauty : Sandstone is such a yummy color, and I love the sandstone/gold GH combo!



    Now I'm seriously considering a SGH Plomb Day :graucho:
  2. congrats!!! it's gorgeous!!! love the hobo style.

    welcome to the purse forum!!!!!!!!!
  3. Congrats, that's a beautiful bag! That style may end up drawing me in to get a GH bag. I'd love to hear how the style works for you.
  4. woooow...i love the combo and nu wear it very well..
    congrats on ur first bbag and welcome to the purse forum!!:nuts:
  5. Congratulations:woohoo: She is beautiful!!! Love the color
  6. Welcome here tiger! That's a great style in a great color!! Looks great on you!!
  7. congrats! it's gorgeous!
  8. I think it is the best GH combo so far :yahoo: C O N G R A T S... Welcome to the Bbag family!!!
  9. Gorgeous gorgeous bag! It looks perfect on you! I really love sandstone with GH ... congrats and enjoy!
  10. beautiful bag! love the color!
  11. Congrats!!! Sandstone and GH make a beautiful combo! Enjoy!:yahoo:
  12. Looks great on you! Congratulations:biggrin::biggrin:
  13. You looked great with it, awesome!!
  14. Welcome and congrats :yahoo:that combo is my favorite too.:tup:
  15. oooh gorgeous!! CONGRATS!!
    And a big welcome to tPF! xx