Welcome to MULBERRY! Please read me FIRST for Mulberry Basics and FAQs

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    Welcome to the divine world of Mulberry! To make your visit here much more enjoyable, please take the time to read this thread as it contains details about how the Mulberry forum is set up and great information for those new to Mulberry.

    We also have rules and guidelines for the Purse Forum so please read those right away to ensure that your stay here is trouble-free.

    The Purse Forum rules can be found here:


    If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to PM either myself or Mooshooshoo.

    Happy reading! :smile:
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    The Mulberry forum is set up in the following manner - only the stickies in each section are listed but there are many threads in each section:

    Main Mulberry Forum:
    • Welcome to Mulberry
    • Mulberry Chat Thread
    • Post Pics of Your Mulberry Family
    • Identify This Mulberry
    • What's in Your Mulberry Bag?
    • Celebrities & Their Mulberry PICS ONLY

    Mulberry Sub-forums:

    Mulberry Clubhouse
    • Chat about your favourite Mulberry styles

    Mulberry Reference Library
    • What is "Vintage" Mulberry?
    • The Mulberry Catwalk PICS ONLY
    • How Much Does Your Mulberry Bag Weigh?
    • First Aid Guide
    • The Different Mulberry Leathers: A Guide
    • Photo Reference Library PICS ONLY
    • Cleaning and Protecting Your Mulberry
    • Repairing Your Mulberry

    Mulberry Shopping
    • Authenticate This Mulberry
    • A Place for Mulberry Fakes
    • Post Outlet Finds/Stock Here
    • Post In-store/Online/Retail Mulberry Finds Here
    • Post Links to Online Preloved Mulberry Sources Here
    • Authentic Mulberry Finds
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    Do a Search

    Don't be scared of using the Search feature so you can find out if there is information already available BEFORE you post a new thread. You are welcome to post on threads already started.

    You can either search the forum or a specific thread. Decide where you want to search and open the search box which can be found at the top right hand of the section/thread you are in. Type in key words and select either thread or post depending on what you're searching for.

    If you cannot find what you are looking for and need to post a thread, please make your thread title specific and descriptive. Titles that are too general like "Help" or "New Bag" will not assist others when they do a search.

    Please note that if a new thread is created and the exact inquiry appears several times in a search, you will be asked to conduct a search and the thread will be subsequently closed.
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    Mulberry 101

    Anyone interested in submitting information, please PM me or Mooshooshoo
  5. Authentication Requests
    All authentication requests should be posted in the thread linked below. Please ensure you have read the first post in the thread below before you post your request. It fully explains the requirements and format the Authenticators need to be able to consider your request.


    Posting Photographs
    Instructions on how to post photographs can be found here:

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