Welcome to Kimora Lee Simmons Closet

  1. Kimora's TDF Closet...Enjoy!!! :drool:
    kimora closet001001.jpg Kimora Closet002.jpg
  2. i want to see the handbag section! for some reason her closet looks too dark. i like mariah's closet better.

    thanks so much for sharing the pics! i love looking at celebrity's closets!
  3. They both have had their homes profiled on MTV Cribs- yeah I know. Kinda young for me, but I love that show! KLS's closet is to die for!!!!
  4. She has an amazing closet ... but I hate her style. Some pieces are great, but it's how she wears them....
  5. all the money in the world....all the luxuries...but no style....I dont like how she dresses....
  6. I love the skirt especially the LV on Kimora's Fall Fashion Picks:love:
  7. Love her closet and collections of designer handbags, shoes and clothes, but she could of dressed better for this photo IMO.
  8. IA. The cloyhes and the accessories are overkill. I did venture onto the Babyphat webiste once. Although I saw some nice-ish tops the huge logos were overkill!
  9. :nuts: Oh my!!! Many of us gals here dream of having the ultimate place to store our designer things! Many of you have even given us a glimpse into some breathtaking closets! But I don't know if any of us can compete with the celebs!!

    If any of you have pictures of closets that you are so proud of you want share, please do so. I will share two of mine, only because you all have been so kind with your comments on it. But I really wish I could find a way to add the pictures of the celebrity closets featured in this weeks US Weekly Magazine dtd 10-16-06, including the queen of closets Kimora Lee Simmons!

    :drool: I don't how many of you are familiar with the MTV show Crib's, but last year they had a episode that featured the home of model/celebrity and owner of design house Baby Phat, Kimora Lee Simmon's and her husband Russell Simmons(they have sinse seperated, and it seems she kept the mansion) in upstate New Jersey! This gal hands down had to have one of the most amazing closets I have ever seen! It is at least 2000 square feet, is filled floor to ceiling with designer everything, takes a electronic combination lock to open the door, the walls are covered in silk damask, has a mini bar stocked with Cristal champagne, has 10 security cameras, bullet proof glass, and a employee who's sole job is to manage her closet and everything in it!! Yet in the US article she said she will not be satisfied until she takes her closet high tech and adds motorized racks where she can scan her things and pull them up by computer!!! Deana gasps.....and faints!!!!!!!
    IMG_2745-1.jpg IMG_2750-1.jpg
  10. Once again great minds think alike! The mods need to combine the post "ClOSETS TO DIE FOR!!!!"

    I have been envious of her closet since I saw it last year on MTV's Cribs!
    :nuts: :crybaby: :nuts: :crybaby: :nuts: :crybaby: :nuts: :crybaby:
    Makes mine look pitiful!!!
    IMG_2745-1.jpg IMG_2750-1.jpg
  11. gasp. i love KLS.
  12. Love the closet, but I don't have the same taste as her...
    Some of her things are definitely nice!
  13. HOLY MOLY!! is all I can say.
  14. Wow!!!!
  15. What an amazing closet.....I'm speechless..