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  1. I posted a thread last week but decided my photos were dismal so here are much better ones. These are some of the items in my current collection. Enjoy!

    Louis Vuitton Monogram: Speedy 30, Cabas Mezzo, Caryall, Sonatine, Pochette Accessories
    speedy.jpg cabas1.jpg carryall.jpg sonatine.jpg pochette mono_2.jpg
  2. Wow, great pics! Love them all...such classic pieces!
  3. nice collection!
  4. love it....totally classic!
  5. Nice collection!
  6. Great collection!
  7. Love the Carryall!
  8. Thanks. I couldn't upload everything at once. Here are some of the others...

    Louis Vuitton Epi: Petite Noe in Mocha, Red, Epi Pochette
    Vernis: Sunset Boulevard in Pomme
    noe brown_2.jpg noe red_2.jpg pochette epi_2.jpg sunset.jpg
  9. My Balenciaga Babies: White First (06), Mogano City (07)
    soon to be joined by Cities in Vert Foret and Mystic:smile:
    white first.jpg mogano.jpg
  10. YSL Muse in Chocolate Brown, Marcello de Cartier in Black calf and Lizard, Prada Green Nylon doctor's bag
    ysl1.jpg cartier.jpg prada_2.jpg
  11. Botkier Clyde in Pale Gold, Anya Hindmarch LE Tote (Fall 05), Small Leather Goods (wallets - Furla, Gucci, Louis Vuitton vernis, Tod's; card holders - LV monogram and red epi), LV small agenda in Grizzli Taiga, Desk Agenda in Taiga
    botkier.jpg anya.jpg wallets.jpg lv plan1.jpg lv bplan1.jpg
  12. That's all for now. I just said goodbye to m Neverfull PM. I"ll add pictures of my Chanel Baby Cabas and my new B-bags as soon as I can:smile:
  13. Lovely collection - nice variety of everything. I love the color of your prada :biggrin:
  14. Great collection, it's very diverse. I love your Sunset Boulevard.
  15. Great collection!