Welcome to Germany, little friend! (I finally got one!)

  1. Lately my Mr. Panda has been feeling very lonely :sad:

    So I thought I'd end his misery just in time for V-Day :love: .... a lovely tPFer helped me out with a lovely Mrs. Panda :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:

    The lady arrived this morning and it was love at first sight :graucho:

    Aren't they a gorgeous couple?!


  2. yey gorgeous, sure they´ll have a happy V-Day !:love:
  3. it's so cute, congratz!!
  4. Oh how gorgeous!! I love the new 'couple'! Beautiful speedy you've got there too!!
  5. Aw Kitty- your little friend is so cute.. Congrats they look great together...
  6. awww yay, congrats! now he won't be lonely anymore!
  7. Congratulations....Looks great.
  8. Very nice, they look cute together.
  9. So cute! I want a friend for my panda too!
  10. Love the pandas!! They are supercute!!! :heart:
  11. congrats! its cute!
  12. Thank you, Ladies :flowers:

    I was so excited to know this little beauty was on my way to me :p I was waiting at at the window for my mailman yesterday and today to see whether she would finally arrive ... I'm just too impatient when it comes to new (to me) LV :shame:
  13. You know, they really are gorgeous! Enjoy.
  14. congrats!!!
  15. Pandas are much happier in pairs!!!! Congrats, I LOVE them!!!!