Welcome to (coach) POND group !

  1. hey guys,

    i just thought i start a new thread on pond enthusiast/owners.
    we can discuss what clothing to wear with our pond or any kind of pond questions .

    thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  2. does anybody think that the color pond would match all colors of clothing or just a few ?

    cha cha
  3. LOVE POND!!! :yahoo: I think pond can go with a variety of color. Of course, any neutrals such as ivory, white, black, browns and then the right pinks or reds, I think. I wear lots of white, especially in summer so I think this will be a pretty versatile bag for me. I think even the right color purple or rose would be nice with this bag. I know I'll have fun trying it out with everything!
  4. i think pond will look great with any color blue jeans . do you agree ?
  5. ^yes! any color jeans!
  6. Oh, don't you think the pond satchel with a gorgeous turquoise chunky necklace, white blouse, blue jeans and white sandles would be sooo awesome? Or a pretty coral necklace? I think a coral red would be lovely with the turquoise-y color of the pond. Oh, or what about the right pale green color? A very soft green? Hmmmmmm.....
  7. all of it sounds lovely !

    you should be a fashion designer !

    but i dont think the pond will look right with my favorite yellow capri's -lol

    your fan, cha cha
  8. LOL! Well, now if you get the right top to go with the yellow capris and the turquoise bag ties it together.... haha!
  9. I really think you could dress to accent it as was suggested earlier or that it could stand on its own. I can't think of anything it would clash with.
  10. lol ! if you were here i pinch you !! your to funny !
  11. i think the pond colour would go really great with grey jeans!
  12. When I read the title, I went "Oh good - a POND support group"! :graucho:

    Tee hee, well when I get my pond, I plan on it going with everything. But wear alot of jeans with v-neck shirts, in white, blues, etc. I love the coral item - it sounds sublime!! OH OH.... has anyone seen those coral sandals from Delman?!?!? How cute would that be with some capris, white v-neck, our POND shoulder bag, and a cute necklace.... *sigh* only 27 more days....
  13. Ok, reading and now thinking about all the things the pond would go with or accent nicely is completely breaking down my resolve to attempt to not buy anything until March! But . . . I agree with the other ladies here - I think the color will go great with a variety of colors (and cha cha - I think tloveshim is onto something with her idea of using the bag to tie things together!)

    It's a good thing my daughter is sick today or I'd already be sitting outside the Coach store, desperate to order something in pond!
  14. I think pond would look amazing with white, ivory, navy, brown, beige, basically any neutral. Coral wouldn't have occured to me, but with the right outfit, I can see it working. I wish I had something in pond now!
  15. I am dying to own the Ali in pond! Any idea how soon I can get it into my hot little hands?