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    Welcome to the classic and classy world of Chanel! To make your visit here much more enjoyable, PLEASE take the time to read this thread as it contains details about how the Chanel forum is set up and great information for those new to Chanel.

    NO buying/selling/trading or soliciting for such allowed on tPF. If you are found to be doing so, your membership may be revoked. Additionally, you cannot offer to buy an item for someone else.

    If it appears that you may be soliciting for sales, a reminder may be posted on your thread and it may be closed. If you are looking for a bag that is out of production, please know that a reseller or eBay are pretty much the only sources.

    Buying/Selling on tPF
    1. Public selling/buying/trading is not permitted. Threads of WTS or WTB nature will be locked or deleted.
    2. Soliciting your items for sale via Private Messages is prohibited.
    3. Linking your own auctions is not permitted, in posts, signatures or otherwise. This includes eBay, eCrater, iOffer and other auction-type sites.
    4. Selling of personal items is only permitted in the invite-only Marketplaza. Instructions on how to gain access are posted here.

    Promoting your business & listings
    1. Store/business promotions in form of signature or profile links are only permitted for well established members with 500+ posts and 3+ months of membership.
    2. Soliciting via Private Messages or spamming the forums with links to your business is prohibited.
    3. For advertising opportunities, please contact an Administrator.
    4. Although not allowed to share your own items for sale you are welcome to post Chanel items you find that you want to share with others. Please remember that we require to post where you found the items - store/location is required.

    Do a Search
    1. Don't be scared of using the Search feature so you can find out if there is information already available BEFORE you post a new thread. You are welcome to post on threads already started.
    2. If you cannot find what you are looking for and need to post a thread, please make your thread title specific and descriptive. Titles that are too general like "Help" or "New Bag" will not assist others when they do a search.
    3. Please note that if a new thread is created and the exact inquiry appears several times in a search, you will be asked to conduct a search and the thread will be subsequently closed.
    4. Lots of efforts are put in to maintain reference & library and the Administrators are all for recommendations to make them better. DO NOT hesitate to ask if you don't see things you are looking for there.

    Rule violation
    1. Breaking any of the above listed forum rules can result in the loss of posting privileges and loss of your Purse Forum account.
    2. We also reserve the right to ban any user, at any time, and for any reason.
    3. The administrators frequently review forum messages for those that are in violation of PF rules.
    4. Any messages found to be in violation will be deleted without warning or explanation.
    5. We reserve the right to edit, reprint, distribute, or delete any posting for any reason and without prior notification or explanation to the author.

    Read The Purse Forum rules :


    If you have any questions at any time, please feel free to PM Swanky Mama of Three or calflu.

    Happy reading! :smile:
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    Commonly used Chanel acronyms:

    • 2.55/Reissue – Flap with Mademoiselle lock
    • Classic Flap – Flap with CC lock
    • PST – Petit Shopping Tote
    • GST – Grand Shopping Tote
    • PTT – Petit Timeless Tote
    • G/H – Gold Hardware
    • S/H – Silver Hardware
    • HG - Holy Grail (dream bag)
    • WOC - Wallet on Chain

    Four seasons of Chanel & Delivery time in US
    C = Cruise; usually deliver Nov - Jan
    P = Printemp (spring in French); spring act 1; usually deliver Jan to Mar
    S = Summer; spring act 2; usually deliver Mar to Jun
    A = Autumn; pre-fall; usually deliver May to Sep
    B = fall/winter act 1; Jun to Oct
    K = fall/winter act 2; Aug to Nov

    FAQs threads:

    Chanel 101: How to read tags? Serial numbers? Chanel styles & dimensions?

    Authentication? Post in this thread & FOLLOW POST #1 & 2

    Finding items?

    Wait list? How does it work?
    Chanel wait list

    Buying & Consigning for pre-owned?



    Chanel Clubhouse: have a specific style in mind?
    Style Comparisons - Pros & Cons: check them out before starting a new thread!
    Leather? HW?

    AFTER PURCHASES: Return/Care/Storage

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