Welcome to Chanel Ban Island - all are welcome old & new

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  1. So, we've read about this, and now I'm starting it. This will be a place (mods willing) where we can meet and talk about all things Chanel but not peek or show reveals that make us fall off the wagon. A place for friendship and help, kind of a Chanel-aholics meet up. Maybe we can show our closet shopping, but only if that item isn't available (and yes, I know I'm an enabling princess myself)? No rules, no exclusions just chat (Chanel and otherwise) and friends. :hbeat::hugs:
  2. I shall be the second member of this thread. :smile:
  3. Oh good I'll be the third member! Thanks for starting it tutu!:smile:):love::heart::heart:
  4. Sweet!! I love the closet shopping idea... Would be be able to shop out own closets and post outfit ideas? Or absolutely no photos allowed?
  5. We need some atmosphere in here...

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  6. Outfits would be great! We can make up the guidelines as we go along, just no enabling (said to myself, since I'm the guilty party most of the time).
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397604023.756262.jpg gather 'round ladies n gents
  8. Oh yes perfect atmosphere:lol: And, I love the idea of no real rules! I would love to see
    everyone closet shops:smile:) it will help us all reinvent our own beauties. LOVE the idea:biggrin:
  9. Oh thank goodness drinks cuteandcouture!
  10. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397604127.428724.jpg
    Here's non-alcoholic drinks for the preggos and or people who prefer natural juices... Lol
  11. I want to be in but my mind still floating with the fuchsia mini :smile:
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397605135.406707.jpg
  13. Ok I am joining ban island with one foot in ;) only because I'm looking for one more thing but I love this idea of supporting a shopping hiatus
  14. I'm still one foot in myself, as I bought some things today and one last (yes, it has to be the last last no more that's it!) thing tomorrow. I have to stop looking at the "Finds" thread and going to Chanel. Although I do have to go pick up this new thing after tomorrow and my shoes. But I'm going in with blinders on!
  15. I'm in! Rather unwillingly, me thinks, for as Husband's tugboat pulls me to ban island I am already trying to make a raft to take out on day trips, hehehe... :nuts::giggles::greengrin: