Welcome to Camp Tink ;) Come and do some arts and crafts!

  1. I am finally finished and so proud I had to share my 'office'. Yes, I use the term 'office' very loosely.

    Here is the bookcase I bought last August, with the hopes of being able to fit all my arts and crafts into it. Even though it is only from Ikea, I love it! And I am quite proud of having built it myself (it wasn't easy). To the right of the bookcase is the craft storage shelf I got for valentine's day from hubby and under all my fabric. I am happy to say I hung the shelf myself...I used molly screws and everything...I can be quite the 'handy' gal ;)



    This three drawer cart was my other concession, that everything was just not going to fit in the bookshelf.


    I Love this locker unit! It has 2 lockers that do lock. It holds surprises for the kids, model glue, etc....stuff I don't want the kids into. Again, it's Ikea and I built it myself.


    Lastly, here is the desk. You can spy all the fun Tink stuff many of you have sent me :smile: One more time it's Ikea and I built it myself.


    So now you have seen my doll room and my 'office'...and you know where I am 90% of the time ;)

    If you missed my doll room, it's in my Barbie room, post #637-640 ;)

  2. whoa that's a lot of crafting stuff! so well organized though, that's important!
  3. very organized. I likey...
  4. Awww, I love the craft shelf and your corner desk! It's so cute and organized. I ordered a corner desk from Pottery Barn a few days ago...I can't wait to receive it and set up my own "office space" :yahoo:
  5. Mmmm I see an MC Speedy-- that WOULD be the first thing I notice, haha!

    It looks GREAT, tink!
  6. Thanks, I am not usually this organized, so to have my office and doll room done, I am over the moon.
  7. I love pottery barn! Have fun setting it all up!
  8. Lol....actually that's the keepall...

    It's my 'on the go' bag. It is always packed with sunscreen, water, snacks, money, towels, the season passes to the local amusement parks, etc...that way when we decide to go someplace at the last minute, I can grab that bag and be out the door in less than 5 minutes.
  9. 'Scuse me, I dunno why I put Speedy. I'm not operating on all eight cylinders today! LOL! Either way, if your keepall ever needs a vacation, Arkansas is lovely in the spring :graucho:

    You say you got those shelves from Ikea? Do you mind me asking how much they were? They'd be PERFECT for my princess closet!
  10. Awesome job! I love Ikea!:nuts:
  11. Why must you be so creative?! I'm jealous! Now I know why your ID is Twinkle Tink!
  12. This is the large one, it was 199.00


    They also have a smaller one and inserts, etc.

  13. Hi tink, your room is so organized. great job!

    I'm also kinda into crafts, I create scrapbooks and paper stars. I've been looking around for a nice tall glass where I can put all those paper stars that I've created. I'll upload some pictures soon :smile:
  14. Please do :smile: We would love to see.
  15. I love it! Now come do my craft room!