Welcome to Ban Island - Come join us and we shall frolic!

  1. I am trying to be on ban island, my husband is trying to talk me out of it (I think he's the devil in disguise for my shopping addiction). I REALLY want the LV W PM in Gavel. At 5k with tax I think it is just a little too much. That's a nice vacation! These are the bags I have gotten within the last 9 months (LV black epi pochette missing from LV pic)..not including coach bags. Please help me stay on ban island and be a good girl!!
    1557555_10200551089299672_1335245043_n (500x375) (2).jpg IMG_0001 (1000x563).jpg IMG_0003 (1000x563).jpg IMG_0005 (2) (1000x563).jpg
  2. Wow! :loveeyes: You have such a lovely collection!

    How do you like your Gucci bags? I've started to look at them, but am curious as to how they hold up.

  3. My DH purchased the noir w pm for me and I returned it. We are mid-home renovation. I took that money and opted for a killer shower - 3 heads, 3 body jets, led disco lights, heated floor right into the shower . . . He thought I was crazy but appreciated my focus. He just told me he wants to get me a present since I've been working like a crazy person and designing/furnishing the home. Still good - I told him someday he can buy me a present but right now I'm content (granted he doesn't know about my SC but I'm selling bags/shoes to fund)

  4. Thank you! I just got the Gucci's this month, early Valentine's Day presents. So I haven't had them long enough to say how well they hold up. I've only used the white one so far. I really like them both a lot, and they seem very well made. I should be able to use them for a long time to come.
  5. Good for you and what a nice gift! Your shower sounds lovely and will be put to good use! I really love the galet w pm, but you're making me want to put it towards redoing my masterbath..lol. The SC is beautiful too..oh if only I had unlimited funds the damage I could do :devil:
  6. We did something like this too a few years back when we renovated top to bottom too. Trust me - you made the right decision! I love that shower almost more than my brand new granite ladened kitchen! :yes:
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    Lol! I agree! I love granite! We are doing the bathroom in African ivory granite. There is only one importer In the southeast. We had to go through Alabama. The stone was tied up in customs because of the government shutdown! In the fall - hence why this project is so delayed! The only thing I did not do this time was a steam unit. I did that in my old house with the multi-heads but it closed off the bathroom. We already have a steam shower off of the gym and sauna. I call it it the wellness wing of the house but it still hasn't gotten me off my butt!!!

    The "rug" of the African and black granite, plus hand made glass tiles, was laid today. The shower will be the African ivory as well.

    We had an architect come in and revamp our kitchen layout just so that I could get in more granite and a professional grade range as the old layout had a separate cooktop and ovens. You should post your kitchen pics in the home and garden subforum in the playground!


  8. Great idea about the home and garden sub forum, I'd totally forgotten it existed! Thank you :smile:
  9. As much as I want to save up for an Eva clutch in damier ebene we are about to buy a car so I guess I should ban myself till we pay it off :thinking:
  10. I bought these the last 2 months and yes I am banned for the next 2
  11. I bought these the last 3 months and yes I am banned for the next 2 years! I hope I can stay on ban :smile:

    Wow! I am banned!!
  12. my 1st post in this thread because I have opted to forgo an intervention and admit myself to ban island after purchasing 2 epi 4 key holders,a mono 4 key holder in less than a week, and now eyeing an epi coin purse :nogood:
    I must be stopped
  13. I'm joining you on Ban Island! This was all in the last month just from LV :faint:

    Westminster GM, Zippy Wallet, Brazza Wallet, Eva, Key Pouch, toilette 26
  14. I'm on a ban too. I am trying to enjoy what I have for 2014. It's so hard and all the pictures in this thread are making it worse. Best of luck to all of you!