Welcome to Ban Island - Come join us and we shall frolic!

  1. I'm borrowing this idea from the Hermes forum (thank you ladies!)-- partially inspired by the fact that I am now en route to ban island given my last purchase and want a place to chat with other ladies (and possibly avoid all shopping and reveal threads- yeah right :p )

    Just because you've blown a few months' rent on chic duds and are no longer allowed to shop doesn't mean you should live in misery and woe.

    :biggrin: Welcome to Ban Island! :biggrin:

    So tell us why you're here as soon as your bags are unpacked, then enjoy some group shopping withdrawal therapy and lunch on the beach, followed by some massage, meditation and cocktails-- and perhaps some afternoon therapy sessions:

    - What to do with your spare time now that you can no longer shop
    - Accessorizing on a tight budget
    - Shopping in your own closet
    - Playing dress up with your best TPF friends (and enablers)

    Credit cards will be burned in a ritual bonfire every evening at ten for latecomers. :graucho:

    Dress Code: Everything you have purchased in the last year - carry-on is not an option aboard tPF Airlines. Load those Pegase's!

    Do tell us-- why are you here? (Pics, including action shots, of your exploits are required!)
    bora-bora.jpg Bora-Borai.jpg Bora-Bora-Paradise.jpg Bora-bora-resort.jpg
  2. I'll start...

    I blew a small fortune on my grail bag-- my brown Watercolor Speedy 30 :cloud9: Pics to come later.

    After purchasing my gold Birkin last autumn and various and sundry other bags, I'm banned for at least six months...

    or until my Hermes SA calls with an SO... at that point I'll be DIVORCED!
  3. Well I bought this:


    And this:


    And so I am done...until next year :cry:
  4. That Chanel is SO worth it! I love it! :love: I've never even seen that style before; goes to show you how little attention I have been paying lately.

    Now you're making me want to go to Chanel. :hnsnsn:
  5. LOL! This thread could be good AND bad :graucho: The Chanel tote is from 2011...I bought her from Yoogis Closet..she came with the tags and all! Couldn't pass it up!!!
  6. The photos are lovely. Where is it located?
  7. Thank you for starting this thread. I was beginning to dread stopping my tPF activities due to all the enabling. I am on Ban Island for the next 18 months (except for one more stole). Why???

    2012 purchases:
    - Ixia PM in Anthracite (preloved)
    - Ixia PM in Noir (preloved)
    - Leopard stole in Fuschia (preloved)
    - SC PM in Turquoise (I got a VAT refund on this one, otherwise I couldn't get it)
    - Vernis cosmetic bag in blue lagoon
    - Cle de Maison keychain from my trip to Paris
    - SC PM in Cherry (my 2013 combined gift, again I got a VAT refund)

    See? I SO deserve to be here. Can we share cocktail recipes, too? I am enjoying one delicious pomegranate lemon drop martini at the moment. :giggles:
  8. Thank you for starting this thread, I'm putting myself on a ban after until July. Hopefully I'll have enough saved by then for the Kusama colab.
  9. wow, never liked to be banned, but now i definitely want to be part of the group:smile:
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    I LVoe the island resort photos. I've recently done some damage. I am done until the Empreinte Speedy comes out in the fall. My avatar says I'm on a self-imposed ban.
  11. I guess I should join, but I REALLY do not want to! I have purchased the Emp Artsy, matching wallet, a new Delightful GM to replace my old one, and an Evora MM...all within the last few months! I will join...but ONLY after my last trip to LV today to get the matching wallet for Evora!! Gorgeous pics BTW...sure beats the view from my office of the parking lot!
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    Cha, the photos are Bora Bora :love:

    PLEASE share! I love pomegranate martinis and lemon drop martinis so I bet the combo is KILLER!

    SO glad some people are joining me on Ban Island.

    Here are some photos of my some of my most recent debauchery. I've purchased the gold Birkin, a mono Eva, a Watercolor Speedy 30, a Galliera, a bunch of SLG's and several Hermes scarves and a CDC in the last few months. I won't even discuss the RTW and shoes (Manolo and Louboutin to name a couple).... And a black Birkin last year, too.... we won't even go into how much I spent last year...! :banned:

    My ban will be lifted either in October or when my Hermes SA calls me with an opportunity to special order, which I expect to be this summer-- and I'm dying for a blue Birkin or HAC in Bleu Paon or Rubis, so I'll have to take the call... and get divorced :p
    bee.JPG lv4.jpg
  13. I'm sooo banned for the rest of the year - Chanel timeless clutch, GST, accordion half moon flap. LV - cyan alma, pre loved MC Kate clutch, and Citadine PM. Too many shoes to count, but Valentino,Gucci, GZ, lots of YSL and Choos, plus soooo many others have gotten me into so much trouble. I lost 30 pounds since January so I had to buy jeans, suits, and clothes. I can still buy clothes that I need for work but I am searching for sales. We also traveled a bit - cruise, Oregon and heading somewhere TBD for Mrmorial Day - depends on my work schedule whether it will be domestic or international. In my spare time, I have started running again and doing races where I ease money for charity. I'm running next weekend for pediatric cancer research. I start Cross fit after Memorial Day. I splurged on some new cookware last weekend. I'm trying to cook all organic and as local as possible given my new healthy lifestyle. That's my obsession. I live to cook but making things healthier is more challenging. The last thing I'm buying, hopefully today, are new golf clubs so that I can focus on my game. I plan to spend a lot of time golfing and playing tennis this summer. I'd rather be active than shop especially since I have worked so hard to get out of the obese zone and back to a healthy weight. I still have 10 pounds to go!
  14. I love this purse forum. Im so banned after this wkend. Im going to nyc and i will definately be in louis vuitton. I been so bad. In the past 2wks i bought the siracusa pm, bloomsbury pm, 3wks before that igot the eva clutch in azur and the cabas roseberry. I now am loooking at the min pleaty green denim on eBay. Im fighting with myself if i should getit or not. This is like therapy for me. I know i dont need it!! But i want it sobad and then im gonna stop for sure
  15. I need advice, will the green denim pleaty match with blue jeans?