Welcome The New Baby For The Nursery

  1. It's not a Gauffre, it's not an antik cervo satchel, it's not even cera color, but I LOVE THIS BAG!!! It's the Antik Easy Pocket in Teak. This is the BG stock shot (and not very flattering because the leather treatment is WICKED AWESOME), but I just got it and will post pics later today, but here's new baby.:yahoo:

    It's perfect for me: durable, just the right size, not trendy and neutral enough for any season. And the leather is of course Prada YUMMY SOFT!:love:

  2. very cute ..Congrats..cant wait to see pics!
  3. Here's the real deal. Isn't this leather YUMMY?! :nuts:
    2007_0501Image0050.JPG 2007_0501Image0047.JPG 2007_0501Image0051.JPG 2007_0501Image0057.JPG
  4. Gorgeous bag! That stock photo doesn't do that bag justice!!
  5. SO pretty!!!!

    PS- Loves the belt u have on too!
  6. Beautiful! What gorgeous leather :drool: Shoppy is right, the stock picture doesn't do it justice. Congrats! :nuts:
  7. The leather looks so soft, its beautiful. Congrats!
  8. Yep, Beautiful! I love it with your outfit, too!
  9. LOVE it!!!!! Is this bag hard to get into? I really like alot of those bags with that clasp...I was just wondering how it works and if it's a pain..BTW it looks fab on you!! Congrats!!!!
  10. Prada Psycho...

    It looks *great* on you! Very, very nice. Love the color of the leather and it looks *so* soft and smushy...

    Enjoy!! and Congratulations. :flowers:
  11. Thanks guys!

    Emmy, actually it's very easy to get into. You just press the buttons together (one-handed), lift and viola! There are snaps on the inside flaps, and even though they really don't need to be snapped, I've kept them snapped and haven't found them a bother. I'm not much on troublesome closures, so this one's a keeper!

    Jill, The belt is from Brighton. It's one of my favorites!
  12. I really like it Congratulations.
  13. Congrats, Prada P!!! Looks super on you.:yes:
  14. I LOVE IT!!! :smile: It will look great with your beautiful pearl necklace and earrings. *wink*
  15. *Thanx* Prada Psycho,, I was always wondering if that clasp would be a pain...now I won't blow by these bags anymore when I'm shopping on line..Enjoy your new addition!!