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    Yea, a Rants and raves Forum! :yahoo:
    Please limit your posts in here purely to reviews and please include the PRODUCT NAME/BRAND in title :tender:
    Please choose a Prefix, either RANT or RAVE when starting a thread so people can scan down the page quickly.
    If you have a product you want someone to review please ask here:
    This forum is only for beauty related products;
    make up, cleansers, hair products, skin care, etc. . . .
  2. Thanks for getting the BB more organized!

    I have a question, Swanky:

    If there is a rave thread for a product, must all the subsequent posts be in accordance with raving that particular product? i.e. members should only post their positive experiences with it and if someone did have a rant, they should just start a whole new rant thread altogether?

    The thread that got me a bit confused was this:


    It is a rant thread and then post #5 is a rave.

    TIA, just wanted to make sure I knew what to do in the future!:upsidedown:
  3. I think it's fine for people to post their experiences in the thread. Although, it would make more sense for people who don't agree or had a different experience to start their own thread :biggrin:

    If we implement rules about it, there would be a lot of extra work I think . . . :s
  4. ^LOL, gotcha. Thanks for everything, Swanky!:woohoo:
  5. Thanks for the subsections!
  6. :choochoo:
    Go add some reviews, LOL!
  7. I am telling ya, I am raving about this ranting and raving. YAY!!!
  8. Should this be the thread (or do we start our own thread) for our FF Sephora items? Kinda like a reveal thread with our rant or rave about each product?
    Sorry, I'm a little dense right now.:shrugs:
  9. no, don't use this thread :smile:
    You can start a new thread PER item you wish to review :yes:
    This isn't really a reveal type forum, strictly a reviews forum :biggrin:
  10. got it thanks!
  11. great!