Welcome party with barenia fumes!!!

  1. Cookin’ Birkin would like to host a welcome party for her two new friends. She’s also joined by Ms. Dalvy and Ms. Constance.

    Tapas, martinis and wine for all. Enjoy!!!
    martini.jpg party.jpg 210 post.JPG constance 1.JPG dalvy 1.JPG
  2. Wow :drool: The Constance is gorgeous- congrats!
  3. Here they are! Her new friends - Ms. Black Croc Lydie and Ms. Barenia Natural HAC.

    Ms. HAC ran out of time to get her new twillies, so she's in an orange colour ribbon instead.
    lydie 3.JPG lydie 4.JPG IMG_0333.jpg IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0331.jpg
  4. Woohoo I'm up for tapas and a drink..... let's go

  5. I can't see
    I can't see
  6. Whoa- absolutely gorgeous Lydie as well!
  7. Wow! I love Cooking Birkin's taste! I :heart::heart::heart: the variety in your collection and it shows you have a deep appreciation for the company. My store would love a customer like you!!!! You'd be VIP in no time.
  8. OK - NOW I can see.

    Beautiful LTC - ya gotta luv a clutch :tup:
  9. :drool: Oh god I love that clutch. Congrats and I love your 3 bags in the same colour.
  10. Congrats LTC! :party: Nice collection!!
  11. A mysterious guest just arrived - Ms. Vintage Clutch

    Handybags - I am glad you could see. It's not much of a party if you are kept in the dark.

    ValleyOpressed - Thank you! It took me a long while to find Ms. Lydie, but she's definitely worth the effort.

    HG - you're already a VIP in my books. You have no idea how much I have learnt from you. I started with box, clemence and chamonix. I then added croc and barenia thanks to your leather book. :smile:

    A round of martinis to you all.:drinkup:
  12. LTC-Gorgeous bags! I love the Dalvy, so naturally it's discontinued. ;) And that vintage clutch is beautiful. :smile:
  13. Wow...lovely bags!!!
  14. What a gorgeous collection! Esp. the Dalvy! K.B. - didn't know it was discontinued
  15. Wow. You got that barenia HAC!
    May I say I envy you? I do!
    Wear your lovely new bags in the best of health - you have a beautiful collection.