Welcome Palermo

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  1. Got me a Palermo GM from Northbrook LV. I was looking for a bag big enough to carry my and the baby's stuffs. Was thinking about the Cabas ala Angelina Jolie but fell in love with this one instead since it has the long strap,

    Had to sell my Gucci Pelham to get this bag...I think it's someone from tpf also that bought it from ebay..So at least I know it will go to a good home...
  2. Congrats on the Palermo GM! :yes: It's huge! Too bad you had to sell your Pelham though....I just got my Gucci Pelham in February - it was my Grail bag for over two years and I finally got it...and I LOVE it so much...so it gives me a twinge when you say you sold it for another bag. :Push:
  3. Congrats on the Palermo!!
    I think it's a great bag!
  4. Congrats I love the Palermo GM!