Welcome our awesome March 2019 hauls!

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  1. I‘ll start right away
  2. orderd it last week but it arrived this morning - my last piece of the cruise collection
  3. Goodies from Paris :smile:. Finally bit the bullet on the small classic flap in caviar with silver hw and I couldn’t leave without picking up the small urban spirit backpack! Included a couple mod shots in case anyone’s interested about sizing.
    B5157DF9-4AEB-4315-9D7D-43159DF482F8.jpeg A8CB4A32-4F37-4531-84D9-C1BE9F5EC86E.jpeg 843C21C2-67EA-4AF4-8C07-7A94D8B2F5D4.jpeg 98D623E8-52D8-4822-9736-67B008154440.jpeg
  4. Picked these 2 items up. Iridescent Pink is just too gorgeous ♥️♥️♥️
    0264459A-AC9C-4763-A133-24BA017A8D76.jpeg 481B123D-199A-408B-96DE-78890EE8D3CF.jpeg
  5. New to me vintage flap!
  6. What a pink beauty she is. Perfect for spring/summer
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  7. Beautiful bags!
  8. Spring is in the air with all these gorgeous pinks!
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  9. Received my beautiful Iridescent Beige card holder yesterday! Comparison shot to the infamous 17B:
    IMG_1663.JPG IMG_1670.JPG
  10. Congratulations,we’re did you find this beauty
  11. Pure :heart:
  12. IMG_5729.JPG

    Purchased today at Walton Street, London. £465. I’m back on ban island until October (Jacket & 2.55 birthday purchase).
  13. This is beyond stunning. What year/season is this color from?

  14. I found her on eBay from a vintage consignment shop. She's a 7 series.... so from 2000 or 2001 I believe.