welcome my new...

  1. GGH Brief in Plomb!!! I love this bag so much.. the leather is TDF!! :yahoo:i'm so glad i went with this color and style!!:wlae:

    the first 3 pictures are with flash.. i added a close up of the leather, but i'll admit i'm not the best photographer!!
    CIMG0064.jpg CIMG0066.jpg CIMG0067.jpg
  2. Congrats, she's a beauty!
  3. here's a few more pictures..

    the first 2 are without flash and the last one is with the flash!! I am soo in love with this bag:love:
    CIMG0068.jpg CIMG0069.jpg CIMG0065.jpg
  4. One of my fav colors~! COngrats! :tup:
  5. CONGRATS! ggh + plomb = TDF!!!
  6. The combo is amazing! Love Plomb! Congrats
  7. My favorite combo too and it looks great in the Brief. :tup:Congrats.:yahoo:
  8. congrats!! She's gorgeous!
  9. wow what a great leather! congrats!
  10. [​IMG]


    I don't know if anyone else has this affliction, but I seem to really like hardware tone constrasting with the leather tone. I like GSH on warm color leather and GGH on cool color leather. The Gold looks great against this cool steel, and the color pops and deepens against the contrast of the gold HW. Absolutely stunning!
  11. I love this! I have the violet w/ sgh brief and it is fantastic! We need to see a moseling pic now!:yahoo::woohoo::graucho:
  12. congrats! don't see many briefs..soo pretty! :heart::tup:
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. What a sophisticated looking bag! Congrats!
  15. YUM YUM!

    Modelling pic please! I'm definately considering the Breif as my come-back Bal!

    How would you say the size of the straps compare to other styles?