Welcome my new MJ! PIC INSIDE!

  1. I came home to a little surprise tonight. I grabbed her and plopped her down in front of Chili and Hudson, who were waiting in the foyer, and took a pic to share with you ladies!


    Doesn't she look good with her big sisters? :love:
  2. Great addition! Love that bag, congrats!
  3. Special thanks to Jackie for her help in bringing my new Seventies Satchel home! :heart:

    Incidentally, I had an awful experience with Saks Off 5th Westbury in getting this bag. The first two times I called, I was told the bag was no longer available, when Jackie informed me that there were a bunch when she was there (the day before). Then, I was told they don't accept the 30% coupon for over the phone purchases. I finally got in touch with Maxine, the store manager. She not only went out of her way to find the bag for me, she took my coupon via email and sent the bag out that evening to me. Hoorah for service! :yes:
  4. Fabulous collection, congrats! Love the new addition.
  5. i love all your bags!
  6. Gorgeous bags!!! Love them all.
  7. love your bags! aw, Chili and Hudson. cute, they have names!
  8. What a great collection of MJ satchels! I've always felt that funky satchels are his strong suit. Congrats. :yes:
  9. So pretty, that indigo is gorgeous! Congrats on your new purchase (and great deal, it sounds like!).
    And I'm so jealous of all your striping bags. I wish I was into MJ when these babies were more available, but they're so rare now.
  10. aw im so happy you decided to buy the satchel!! :biggrin: not only are we 70s satchel twins, but we are chestnut hudson twins as well! did you open up a Saks cc and save an extra 10%? congrats!
  11. May I ask how much it was? I know someone posted the price before and then the 30% off coupon but I can't seem to find that thread. Thanks so much and congrats on the bag! It's beautiful!
  12. ^^ $1450 reduced to $999 with additional 30% off (but coupon expired on sunday) - take another 10% off when you open a Saks credit card
  13. Congratulations on your latest additions and how those are some beautiful Hudsons.:drool:
  14. Beautiful! I really love the satchel styles, too. They all look so ladylike, but funky, too. Great bag.
  15. Beautiful!!!