Welcome me to the Chanel converts!!

  1. I've been talking about getting a classic flap for awhile and it's now here - love the new leather smell!
    My gorgeous white Caviar medium classic flap with silver hardware has arrived!!
    :love: :yahoo: :love:

    Now, let's just hope I can keep it clean!!
    IMG_1768.JPG IMG_1774.JPG IMG_1747.JPG
  2. Congrats Tweetie! But I can't see your pics. :sad:
  3. I can't see the picture!
  4. Congrats!!! and welcome
    (aren't you a bbag girl? I recognize your name from that forum when I cheat on my Chanel buddies!)
  5. Tweetie - Can't see the picture of your gorgeous new bag. (although I did get an early preview). Congrats again!!!
  6. Hmmm, I'm sooo not tech savvy - here, I'll try again with the pics!

    macp6 - LOL, I am a Bbag girl and I'm often on that sub-forum (and a LV girl too)... tPF has been a bad influence on me! I had always thought Chanel was too old-ladyish, but after seeing all of you (and celebs) with gorgeous Chanels, I HAD to have one too!
  7. Congrats tweetie! Your first, but I am sure not your last Chanel purchase.
  8. Congrats, that's a lovely bag, have one in the east/west style:love:
  9. Pretty! Looks just like mines. Congrats!
  10. Congrats!!!! The white is so gorgeous! :yahoo:
  11. breath-taking! now i want a white one! congrats! i see you are from canada...did you get it here? i tried to do a search on a medium white caviar two months ago and came up empty handed! all they had was the jumbo...maybe they received their fall shipment? :yahoo:
  12. Congrats, that bag is hot! I have one in black, and I love it to death - and I can wear it with everything:biggrin:
  13. That bag looks great on you Tweetie! There is nothing like your first Chanel. :biggrin:
  14. It's beautiful, WELCOME!!!:jammin:
  15. BEAUTIFUL! I love the silver hardware! :smile:
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