Welcome Home...Same spy but a new one

  1. :nuts:OK so I think everyone is going to think I have totally "lost it" :nuts: with my spies, but I greatly regretted selling the Black Pearl, so I got another one, Harrods got it for me from Fendi in France, and what I find weird is it was cheaper than the first one I bought.....

    This is the second time I have sold a spy after coming back from my holidays and regretted it, so if anyone sees me doing it again ...please try and stop me. its always when I go away and come back.
    139_3943.JPG 139_3950.JPG 139_3951.JPG 139_3949.JPG 139_3948.JPG
  2. Oh wow!! Just as pretty as the first one dearest Saich!! Congrats on finding her again...will make sure you don't let her go again in a hurry! ENJOY!!:heart::heart:
  3. HandbagAddict you are the sweetest friend...to tell you the truth I was a bit scared about posting this, and really thought everyone will think I have a "marble" lose or something.....but although she is not my favourite spy, I did miss her.
  4. Congrats, Saich... she's stunning!:love: I really love that spy.

    And I don't think you've lost it at all... I've parted with bags and then regretted it, and I hope to someday track them down again. So if you've lost it, then I have too. :lol:
  5. SAICH - not only are your marbles loose, so are your Pearls! :roflmfao:

    Its so funny, because the way you originally reacted to this gorgeous spy, I thot you did not like it :wtf:! Which surprised me because in photos it is like a piece of beautiful artwork...very SAICHY :p

    So glad to see you snagged another :tup:


    PS: just realized the PALazzo emblem on the spy compartment...very unique!
  6. Baglady....I love your replies so much they crease me up, plus you do the best threads ever, never stop.........
  7. ohhh that one is sooooo pretty
    I can't believe you ever let a bag like that go!!! :noggin:
  8. Your bag is absolutely stunning!! Beautiful!! Congrats. :smile:
  9. Saich - I love this bag!!! I'm so glad that you love it again!! Woohoo!!! :heart: :heart: Next time, I will try to stop you from this madness. LOL!
  10. I do need help BalenciagaLove.......:police:
  11. it's a beauty!
  12. That is a beautiful spy, congrats on getting another. Did you sell your Cherry Corded one or decide to keep it too?
  13. Thanks QueenD, I only get regrets over the ones that go to new homes after my holiday,,,,,,,which is rather strange.

    Everyone needs to keep me on the straight and narrow as I go away again in May:wacko:
  14. Congrats- love the handles! Fendi definitely has a great customer in you :yes:
  15. Saich2 - Very pretty bag!! You have not lost it. I do almost the same thing - occasionally, I'll purchase, then return, then re-purchase. I call it "returners remorse", and I won't rest until I get it back! DH thinks I'm nuts when I do it....