Welcome Hello

  1. Hello ladies, I am glad to be a part of this forum. I am a 46 year old hispanic woman who loves the beauty of handbags..I am in the Central Valley from Madera, CA and look forward to reading on...:tup:
  2. Welcome! You'll love it here, everyone is so nice! And hang on to your wallet - this place will make you want more more more! :tup:
  3. Welcome aboard! :idea:
  4. Great to have u here - I am new to posting, but wanted to say hello :flowers:
  5. Welcome!!!
  6. Welcome - this is a really nice forum -you'll learn a lot and like Starrymaz says - this can get expensive!!!
  7. welcome. you'll love it here!
  8. Welcome! You will definitely have some help feeding your addiction here.