welcome harbor city

  1. just got the harbor city bag. never really considered this bag before but i was in the bottega boutique and someone came in carrying this bag. it looked so great on her and seemed so easy to use it took a look.
    well when i found out it was goat skin and on sale that made the decision easy. they didn't have one in the store so i just picked it up yesterday. the only thing i don't like is the lining. has anyone changed the suede lining for canvas? then it would be perfect for me. i'm going to investigate the change.
    it has the double zipper so it is easy to get into and out of and great visibility. it has handles and a shoulder strap which is a necessity for me since i like to carry a lot of stuff and my bag tends to get heavy and a large inside zip pocket. i think it will be great and especially for travel. very secure and durable. hope you all like it.
    harbor city .jpg harbor city empty.jpg harbor city with stuff.jpg
  2. I have seen this bag IRL and it is really gorgeous. Congrats on such a terrific buy - and it really does hold a lot. Perfect!
  3. beautiful annie, especially the shot of all the colors (and lovely organization!) of the inside of the bag. :tup:
  4. Congrats annie! Lovely bag. Could you post action pics, please? It`s currently on sale on NAP (European site) and I wonder how big it is...
  5. thanks mistikat, mundodabolsa, and C_24 for your good wishes.
    C_24- i'll try to take some action shots. what would you like to put inside? maybe i could put something similar inside so you could get and idea of size. i think it could be a perfect bag for a guy/student so i would love for you to get a good idea as to size.
  6. Thanks for trying to get some shots, annie! I was wondering if the bag would fit A4 size sheets or a 15" laptop (not that I`d carry it around in such a bag, but only to get an idea of the size).

    It really looks perfect for work and travel.
  7. hi claus- my laptop is a 13" macbook. if it works for you i think it could be fabulous. great buy- beautiful bag. hope this helps.
    DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0002.jpg DSC_0003.jpg DSC_0004.jpg
  8. wow, it really expands to hold a lot. Gorgeous purchase, I love the stud detailing down the center.
  9. ^Thanks a lot annie. I really appreciate that you took the pics so fast!:flowers:
  10. Wow - gorgeous bag and it sure does hold a lot without looking bulky. The shot with the 13 inch MacBook sure helped me get a good idea of the size.
  11. Congrats annie! She's such a stunner and so practical! I love the secure zipper. :tup:
  12. Is there a reason you prefer canvas lining? I always thought suede lining has a more luxurious feel than regular canvas.

    It's a beautiful bag!
  13. I'm suspecting the reason might be because the canvas might be a bit stiffer than the suede? I could totally understand that because, as much as I like the suede lining and how it feels in my Montaignes, I do wish it was just a teensy weensy bit stiffer to make it easier to get things in and out.
  14. annie, I love the bag!! I love the Brighton Blue Karo inside, too. There's one just like it in my purse.
  15. wow, it's impressive if it fits an entire laptop, plus peripherals, without looking bulky. definitely a keeper.