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    Hello all,

    Welcome to the all new
    Care & Maintenance sub-forum! This forum will serve as a place to chat about the care, cleaning, refurbishing and general maintenance of your handbags. Please note that many of the mainstream brands (Chanel, LV, Balenciaga, Coach, etc..) already have a care & maintenance type thread in their dedicated sections of this forum. Most likely many! In the next post, I will link to already established Care threads for those brands.

    ** This forum is for the brands that do not have a specific sub-forum already in place like smaller, indie brands. Or just general questions about certain leathers, skins..

    ** Please feel free to start a thread about any specific questions you have about the caring of your bags/ leather goods.
    All I ask is that you do a quick search to see if there isn't a thread already about your topic. We have a lot of good information already posted in this sub-forum.

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