welcome back lolo -- we demand whip pix, or else!

  1. trying again, kellybag!

    lolo owes us pictures of the hermes whip and gajillion hermes scarves she picked up from her UK mailing address . . .

    (and we wouldn't mind some details of the trip, too ;) )
  2. Yeah, Lolo! What the heck!?!?!!? Good to see you back, Girl!

    WHERE ARE THOSE PICTURES!!!!! I want to see you brandishing that whip while wearing an Hermes scarf with some wildebeasts in the background.

    'Cmon....no more computer crash excuses. And don't think that "an elephant sat on my camera" excuse is gonna fly either!
  3. Yeah! Where's my cheetah pictures?

    We want the whip! We want the whip! We want the whip! (Sounds kinda kinky, I know. Heehee.)
  4. I want to see the whip and the orange box it came in! Was there really an H box for it or did I dream that up??
  5. nope, not a dream! they come with a long orange box AND a long sleeper bag (i have a riding whip).
  6. Poor Lolo.....her's came only wrapped in tissue with an orange Hermes sticker holding the thing together! No sleeper, no 5' long box.......:sad:

    DQ....if you got a riding whip, then what the heck did I pick up for Lolo???? Are there a few different types of whips???? (S'mom showing her extensive knowledge of all things horsey........ :blink: )
  7. DQ has a dressage whip, probably 4 or 5 ft.
    You bought a longe whip, ca. 6 or 7 ft. with a long ribbon attached. It's for longing the horse, i.e. when the horse is running around you on a very long rein.
  8. a short education in whips -- three training photos of Thomas Ritter, from his website classicaldressage.com, presumably copyrighted and used here for educational purposes:

    "crop" or "bat" -- a short whip carried while riding to to get the horse's attention -- like cher in "Moonstruck" -- "snap out of it!" or "hey, you -- there's a big fence coming up and maybe you should check it out before we go over it." This is used mostly for jumping or hacking out (aka trail riding), as it's not really much use in guiding the horse.

    "dressage whip" -- longer than a crop and used while riding to help guide the horse, for example tapping behind the rider's right leg to reinforce the rider's request for the horse to move its right leg sideways under itself. or pressed against the horse's shoulder as a barrier if he's popping that shoulder out and avoiding proper bending in a circle.

    Driving whip - well, used for driving. called long line work when the horse is not attached to a vehicle. it's very useful training even for saddle horses -- mine all drive, but without being hooked up to anything -- and you need a whip to be able to touch the horse on the flanks or legs since you're not on him and otherwise only have the bit as a connection:


    in hand whip -- used to work a horse in hand (this is different from driving on the ground). very useful to help the horse learn something new without having to deal with balancing a rider on it's back , and very much used to teach horses upper level movements (you can't see the whip here, but he's got one that's longer than a dressage whip and shorter than a driving whip.)


    longe (or lunge) whip -- used for working the horse on a long rein on a circle around the handler. it's about 5' long and has a long thong attached so you can reach the horse, for example to touch (gently!) his lower leg and say "please use your left leg better and don't just shuffle along." the horse learns to respond to whip signals, such as raising the whip for "more effort, please" or pointing at the shoulder for "please stay out on the circle without cutting in"

  9. Which one comes in a long orange box......
  10. Well done, DQ! Now we can find out about Lolo's adventures while learning about Hermes whips! Perfect!!
  11. WOW, DQ!!!! This is good information to know! Now when I need DD to clean her room after asking for the tenth time I can say, " If you don't clean that room (including under the bed which seems to be growing underware) young lady I'm going to go get the Driving Whip and teach you a thing or two!".

    and I'll actually KNOW what I'm talking about!!!!
  12. Finally an excuse to buy an H whip!!! I'm jumping in on this one....
  13. Six or Seven Feet Long?! Whoa, Nelly!!
  14. Yeah....you should have seen me walking around the streets of SF with that thing.....

    ....turned a head or two I can tell you that!
  15. :yes: Stay out of S'mom's way!!!