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Jan 4, 2013
New Tamagotchi P's!!
My childhood is looking more gorgeous. These jeweled pastel eggs are so cute. Since we were young, tamagotchi was always there. I still kept mine (in black/white). Please tell me were forever young.. I'd not be surprized if tamagotchi was going to be a new fashionable accessories and a new trend..


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Jan 4, 2013
Writing letters and sending mail to others.
Connecting to the Yume Kira Bag and the Tamagotchi iD L ( does not connect to a tamagotchi ID, station+ and plus color.)
Connect 4 Tamagotchis at the same time to do many different activities including:
Cooking together
Playing games together
Along with many other connection features that can be added with a Deco Piercing
Can now gain different personalities, including: smart, fashionable, charismatic, gourmet, and athletic.
Can go to school at the same time as the owner.
Can get part-time jobs.
Can visit each other.
They can be seen together whenever they are bathing or eating with each other.
A friend with whom the Tamagotchi has previously connected to can unexpectedly make a visit to another Tamagotchi.
Will now keep a diary of the things the Tamagotchi has done with friends (includes images.) and within the game.
Connects with Tamagotchi Data card game machines.
Adoptable Tama Pets
Many raisable characters with 24 new featured characters.
Special characters such as Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Kuromametchi listed separately are unlockable on this Tamagotchi by linking a Tama Deco Pierce such as the Love & Melody Deco Piercing.


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Feb 17, 2009
Ohh my goodness. I loved these when I was a child!

I was actually looking into the older versions a while back. Haha