Welcome Back Chaz

  1. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:So glad you are back!!!!! I sorely missed your crazy humor!!!!
    Fill us in on anything new.... like have you brought out any new bags?????
  2. Awww,hun I'm not back for long, but to fill you in properly.The house has'nt had a landline for over four years,so British Telecom have to come and put a new cable in for us,thats happening on the 21st of this month,and then approx 5 days after that we will be re-connected with Sky so I can get back on line!!!
    Its mad,but when I come on here,I whizz about like a mad thing trying to catch up,that I don't reall y have the opportunity to chat to many of you,and it makes me miss all of you even more!!

    Still,I have to say,being offline has probably been a good thing,I have got ALL,yes all the boxes unpacked,and sorted out loooooooooooooaads of stuff!!
    Been shopping,naturally,and bought some lovely stuff for the house,lots from the sales in Ilva.
    As we have a Victorian semi detached,I'm being sympathetic to its age and character with the bits I'm getting,and have been to an area of Manchester called Levenshulme that is just stuffed with antique places and reclamation shops.I saw an old beautiful honey colored pine chest of drawers with original cream ceramic knobs on it,£125,very cheap now compared to a few years ago!! I may have a litle return visit and get it for Sophies room.

    One of my interests is buying old stuff and doing it up,so I'll be spending plenty of time nosing about round there!!
  3. Oh and I bought a little Teal colored Helier,will post pics later on this thread!!!
  4. welcome back!! Its been 'quiet' without you!
  5. Oh sodding hell!!! I can't find my bloody usb cable!! Sh*t!!! I took some pics ready to down load,and would'nt you just bloody know it?? I'll keep looking!!!
  6. You bought ANOTHER bag!!!!!!!!?????? Nice to have you back however briefly. bet you wouldn't have managed to unpack all those boxes if you'd had internet access - it's amazing how much you can get done if you're not wasting time on here!
  7. I did,but it was very cheap from an outlet!! £130!! So come the meet,thats the only time I'll be getting another,and after hearing Evie raving about her Alfie and how good the size is etc,thats the one I'll be going for,and at £197,its not a bank breaker for a lovely looking bag!! I had been eyeing it quietly for a while,but Evies glowing report sold me!!

    But yes,I think being off-line has put the house in order somewhat quicker!!
    Anyway,I'm randomly posting and hunting for my usb cable,so I'm off again for a bit to have another search,theres no more boxes,so I'm not quite sure where to look,as I don't have a familiar stashing place for that sort of stuff yet!! If I'd been on-line,I'd know exactly where it is !!! Lol!!!
  8. Argh! Great to have you back! I kept meaning to drop you a wee txt to say howdy doody! Can't wait to see your helier pics!
  9. Welcome back,What does Sophie think about her new surroundings? Do you live near to your relatives now?
  10. Ok,now I can post some pics for you,have'nt done the cellar yet,but thats a treat I can keep on the back burner for you!!
    Aine,Sophie loves it here,but I don't have any family,but the peeps you get round here are so much more freindly,and Sophie will be going to nursery soon,and I'll be getting out and about so I will have lots to do and lots of new peeps to meet!!
    Sophie having lunch in her pj's!!
    Ted chilling in the conservatory/sunroom
    from the kitchen bit where Sophie is sat to the front door
    from the front door back to where Sophie is (nice stair carpet!)
    and up the stairs and into the bathroom
    Old house-New house 007.JPG Old house-New house 008.JPG Old house-New house 011.JPG Old house-New house 013.JPG Old house-New house 014.JPG
  11. Ok,bit of the front room
    the strange rug we got I was telling Tara about,Sophie loves rolling about on it!
    the dining table (missed a pic here,will put it on in the next lot)
    Sophie messing about in the office/workroom
    Sophie doing a very convincing impression of Elton John!! Lol!!
    Old house-New house 017.JPG Old house-New house 015.JPG Old house-New house 019.JPG Old house-New house 026.JPG Old house-New house 029.JPG
  12. And some more,the sideboard in the dining room with a red prayer horse on it
    ,a unicorn sans horn!
    Sophie still nibbling
    and the teal Helier
    I have taken the rest of the pics on a higher resolution,so I'm going to try to copy them over from my files a different way,as all the pics from today are on the same res,duh,did'nt check before I started clicking away,knobhead!
    Old house-New house 020.JPG Old house-New house 022.JPG Old house-New house 024.JPG stuff 017.JPG
  13. Will need to do the pics again tommorow! I can't risk going to photobucket and stuff as I don't know how long my connection will be around for,if its still up in a lil bit I'll have a play and move some files about,if not I'll just do more pics!
  14. Chaz - the house is absolutely gorgeous!!! Love the wooden floors and all the "uneven" corners and carpented wooden details. Looks like you could have Harry Potter living under the lovely stairs too. Love all your beautiful things, like the horse!!! And the knobbly carpet! And everything else!!!

    :woohoo:Oh, it is a true Mulberry Mansion!!!:woohoo:
  15. Great shots. Looks like you've been there for ages- very homey.

    Love the Elton John Sophie!