Welcome #8!!

  1. DW got me an early birthday present, a little something from BV. Hee.... :yahoo::nuts:
  2. Spill it brother!
  3. I'm in the process of taking some pictures.... sorry for the wait!!!
  4. Okie, here it a rough shot of it...


    Got a phone lanyard for my birthday, to replace my old COACH one. DW says its time I changed the old and battered lanyard on my phone. My phone's pretty battered too, so maybe I should change it too! Hahaha....:p

    Its supposed to be silverish, but somehow it turns our bronze in the picture. :shrugs:
  5. ooooooooooooooooooooo i love it!!!! the list of your humble collections is growing!!
  6. Cute! I have one in Ottone.
  7. yah...not humble at all! :nogood:
  8. Had forgot to ask Eden what was the name of this colour. Its similar to ottone, except that it has a silver instead of a gold base. Any idea? :confused1:
  9. still considered humble!! :shame:
  10. Lovely!! First I thought it was Almature but it's more silvery IRL?
    Happy Early Birthday!!:flowers: and Yay for your sweet DW!!
  11. OK..What is a phone lanyard????? I have seen this in a store last year but i thought it was a broken keychain....LOL
  12. Many congrats, triggerpuff it looks like te new platino ossidato colour.
  13. Glad you asked first prestwick... I thought I was the only one who didn't know!

    But regardless of what exactly it is, the colour looks intriguing - any info on what colour it might be?
  14. Very cool gift! congrats :smile:
  15. GORGEOUS! I'm waiting for mine in the gold tone... but I bought the one in medium length instead.

    P/s Eden is a sweetie!