Weirdnesss from LeSportsac

  1. So today, in frustration at not being able to locate and L'amore bags, I called Lesportsac to find out who is going to be carrying L'amore in Colorado.

    First weird thing: She could not tell me about any stores in Colorado. She said she could just give me a list of stores and if they "happen to exist" in Colorado they "might" have the toki bags.

    Second weird thing: She said the stores carrying L'amore are Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales and Nordstroms. Not Macy's!! (Have their been any actual sightings at any Macys?) We have a Nordstrom in Denver (one store) but they told me they have "chosen not to carry tokidoki".

    Third weird thing: Then I asked about smaller specialty stores (thinking about stores like Pulse, Azaela, Happy Six) and she said the smaller stores would NOT be a carrying L'amore (which we KNOW is wrong). She said the only other stores (besides the big department stores) were going to be the "leSportsac boutiques". I wonder if Pulse, Azaelea etc. have some kind of deal that they get the bags thru someone else other than LeSportSac directly????

    Fourth weird thing: She confirmed that L'amore would NOT be sold on the website at all. When I asked why, she said LeSportsac only allocates a certain number of bags to each retailer and they (LeSportsac itself) missed out on getting any. Very odd.

  2. Hmmm, that does sound strange. I really wish they would carry them so I could order but I guess not. Maybe Pulse is a lot cheaper anyways. I'm hoping she doesn't know what she's talking about. People already said thet mamma mia was discontinued and that was wrong so maybe she is just not sure. I think there is still a lot of confusion b/c it is a new print. She got a lot of things wrong
  3. Well this was LeSportSac Customer Service so she SHOULD know what she's talking about.

    The rumor that Lesportsac was not going to make the Mamma Mia in L'Amore came from Pulse. They never said it was not being made, just that they were not carrying it and that got morphed into something else.
  4. When I called I was told Macy's but not Nordstrom. It is definetly weird.
  5. Yeah she really should but I don't think she does. As you pointed out, she said a few things that we know not to be true. I wonder how they can get so confused on things. Who tells them these things? I guess it's not their fault but they have cutomers so when the customer knows more than the service that's not good. And also for people like me, who know nothing about Macy's Nordstrom, etc. It's not really good to be getting the wrong information.
  6. The Lesportsac here in Hawaii started carrying the Amore a few days ago but of course we have the markup. A Dolce here is $97.
  7. Well it's not uncommon for retailers to sell to a distributor and the distributor then sells to the individual retailers. You see this with books all the time. Small retailers order all their books from one place, not from the individual publishers like the big chains do. That way they don't have to lay out for the minimum purchase (which can be HUGE in some cases). Instead of getting 40 books they can get 5 to sell.

    LeSportsac may have some huge minimum (like 5000 bags) which would be nothing to Bloomies or Nordies but no way could Pulse or Azaela do that. So they may get bags from a distributor that bought 5000 and is selling 200 to Pulse, 200 to Azalea, etc.

    Just a guess....
  8. I received an email from "anita" at Azalea today saying that they got the new Lamore print and did I want her to hold a bag for me before they publish it on the site! So, girls if you want to order or email Azalea....(I already preordered one from pulse)
  9. When will they be putting it on the site? And will they be having any deals or specials? I guess I better hurry b/c If I don't order in time they'll be gooooone!
  10. It is frustrating to not get a straight, correct answer from one of their own reps... I was told by the lesportsac boutique that they wouldn't be in stores but will be online
  11. All this misinformation really makes me want to stab myself in the face.
  12. Boy can I relate :hysteric:
  13. :death: frogbubbles........... noooooooooooooooooooooooo
    hehe... I hope you are kidding!! :wtf:

    I, too, am getting annoyed w/all this... and I am pretty sure macy's is getting it, I mean, so many folks have heard from SAs at Macy's they are... why would they all lie?! blah! :yucky:
  14. I know I shouldn't say it, but "I want to stab [insert name here] in the face" is my current favourite phrase.

    Yeah I'm weird.
  15. I thought someone saw the bags in Macy's :confused1: .

    I HATE LeSportsac even more after reading this thread. They know nothing about their own product. They are :censor: morons. There are so many rumors about this L'Amore....who will have it ... who won't have it...It's really starting to make me need a :drinkup:or two or three :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: :drinkup: