Weirdest, most random item in your purse?

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  1. Two days ago, I was rummaging in my purse and found a plastic coated baby spoon from a recent trip where the baby's food was stuck in my bag and it made me smile and think of this thread to start here.

    Even before this incident, I have had more than one quizzical look thrown my way when pulling out a random object from my purse, so I thought it would be fun to see what others have in their purses too?

    What's the strangest thing you carry in your purse, or have carried in your purse?

    I carry a few strange things every day, every purse, like my miniature Ganesha (Hindu elephant headed god) and my raven stone (raven is my totem, and I have one carved into a flat stone). They go everywhere with me, always.

    And I often carry Tarot cards, but as a Tarot reader, that's a job precaution. But people do find it odd to see miniature decks floating in my zippered pockets.

    You? What random treasures are lost in the depths of your bag?
  2. the strangest thing I have ever carried would be parrot droppings in a ziploc when going to the vets.
    usually I dont carry necessarily weird stuff but my bag is a macgyver bag I have a small pouch with every charger needed for my blackberry,ds,ipod and psp.
    I have a miss a kit
    and I carry several small containers of meds .... my daily meds, my kids meds and emergency meds for whomever needs them.
    and 8 no spill sticks from starbucks lol if you get in my car with coffee you use a no spill stick!!

    I could be stranded and survive, probably even start a new homestead with whats in my purse.
  3. I usually carry bananas in my handbags but I don't know if that's weird.
  4. A bumper box of chewing-gum my husband brought back from France! But it's the wrong brand, wrong flavour. So I dumped it in my Twiggy and hoped to offload some on a friend I meet for coffee. Waste not, want not!
  5. nothing too weird for me, but i we played the "what's the weirdest thing in your purse?" game at a bridal shower that i was at before and the weirdest item was breast creme. the rest of us couldn't really hold a candle to that one. :P
  6. if it is in my purse, it's not weird for me, so...i dont know
  7. i dont keep weird things, but anytime my sister borrows a bag of mine, i wind up finding advil, bandaids, gum, tickets for the train, and other random things
  8. A lot of the time I forget to get rid of my movie tickets; I found a ticket to the House Bunny from August in one of my bags today. Haha.
  9. *Weirdest*, though not necessarily weird, and random would be:
    -A pair of 3D glasses
    -A paper copy of someone's very lengthy personal e-mail furiously voicing their opinion on unequal treatment of minority voters in the election of 2008 to her boyfriend and to one of her best friends.
  10. I don't necessarily find it weird but many people have told me it is...I usually carry a switchblade with me, for protection purposes. I'm only 5'0" and 100 lbs so if anyone tries to approach me, I could somehow defend myself. It makes me feel safer, but luckily I've never had to use it.
  11. I always carry something I could use to defend myself with too! Last year it wasn't unusual to see girls carrying a taser or a switch blade in their purse because we had several rapes happen on or very near to campus at night. Fortunately, the guy was caught.

    The weirdest thing I carry in my purse would probably be my graphing calculator. I don't have a place to carry it in my backpack that is easy to get to so I leave it in my purse. It has come in handy when I am grocery shopping and I am trying to figure out which item is the better deal.
  12. I have those no-spill sticks from Starbucks too!

    I have chopsticks in my bags always. In case I buy a meal and forget to get some or there's no fork around or something.
  13. I have a swiss army knife that I always carry. Is that weird?
    I also have a little coin purse that I carry my lucky rocks in. jade, sugilite and aventurine.
  14. Crikey, you'd get arrested on the spot for carrying that in the UK! It is totally illegal, so be warned if you ever visit here!
  15. I carry pepper spray. Everywhere.