Weirdest/Funniest Comments about your LVs?

  1. There are so many great threads about funny comments about LVs I thought maybe we could consolidate and laugh together about our experiences? :nuts: I'll start!

    The weirdest comment to date about my LV bags is... that my Azur speedy looks like a dish cloth (now that I think about it, I guess it DOES resemble a kitchen towel. Or not!)! :roflmfao: It cracked me up, but I still ended up buying it anyway!

    And... I was at the Louis Vuitton boutique once with my mom and her friend, and my mom's friend actually told the salesperson that the speedy looks like a garbage bag, because it's one big compartment!!! The SA was :wtf: and I was mortified, but now that I think about it, it's pretty hilarious!
  2. "Uhh...Is this real?"

    "oh and you can keep like pets in this.."(referring to the Perfo Cles)

    but the rest are good...:p
  3. How small would you pet have to be!!!
  4. ^^^

    I have no idea what they were thinking at the time...probably like a little lizard or whatever..they wanted to comment on the "breathing holes"
  5. I was inside a shopping center one day and when i get in to one shop, the alarm just keep beeping, you know just like when someone steal something from the shop. THen, the SA come to me and check my bag, and she asked my damier speedy, Is That Real? :wtf: My bf was so :cursing: and i just smile...and it was happening for 2 days in a row when i go to factory outlet in Spencer Street (melbourne)...I went to like almost all the stores inside and the alarm keep beeping in all those store which have the alarm.
  6. Too Funny! :roflmfao:
  7. lol ... I was wearing my Panda Pochette the other day and met up with a friend, she looks at my bag and goes:

    "Oh, is that one of the new HELLO KITTY bags?"

    Ummm, WTF?! :confused1: :cursing:

    Mr. Panda doesn't even look close to Hello Kitty and there are LV Monograms and Fleurs on the bag :blah:
  8. I dont know if this was just odd or kind of funny, I thought it was both - I was at the Houston airport going to Calgary two weeks ago, I'm moving there in a month so I was taking some of my bags up to leave at a friends place and look for a house that weekend - anyway going through security I took one of those plastic bins you put your stuff in, and put my Saleya and my shoes in it, and my Bosphore backpack and other stuff in another one .. anyway a guy a security grabbed my Saleya and says "this can go right on the belt it doesn't have to go in the bin" .. I just kind of looked at him LOL I didn't want it to go on the dirty belt through the Xray I wanted it in the little plastic bin, oh well, .. I dont know if it was my look or if he saw "Louis Vuitton" on the bag but instead of placing it on the belt like I was expecting, he just grabbed another plastic bin and sent it through the xray in its own plastic bin. LOL --- then at the other side of the Xray machine when it all went through the other security guy pulled me aside over my Bosphore Backpack .."do you have liquids in this" oops I had done the right thing and put them in the little zip lock but forgot to take them out .. I told him that, he neatly untied the bow on my pack, looked at my little hair spray and perfume in the little ziplock bag, told me to take it out next time so they can see it then put it back in and proceeded to close up my backpack and proceeded to retie a very nice and neat bow on the backpack LOL, well at least I thought that was very nice of him and unexpected - and so I thanked him for the neat bow and proceeded to my gate LOL.

    End of story.
  9. I'm at the mall and one of the SAs (in Express, or something) saw my mono pochette and said "I love those LV bags! I just got the backpack for $20 downtown!"

    I didn't know how to respond to that, so I didn't. I simply smiled in order to keep myself from laughing out loud.
  10. I was in a local flea market where fake designer bags abound. I was killing time so I started looking at these fake wallets. The salesperson started telling me that the fake LV I was holding is a AAA fake, which means it looks very authentic. Then I said, I don't think so because the color of the monogram was too dark and I took out my real LV wallet and compared the color. The sales person then said "Thats because your wallet is old." :nuts:
  11. OMG ! LOL
  12. When ever I whip out my damier agenda people always ask me how I can spend 250 on an agenda lol
  13. It never ceases to amaze me when a fellow purse forum member will encounter someone who sells fakes, and that person will tell the pf member that THEIR bag is fake. How crazy is that?
  14. :roflmfao: too cute!!
  15. Well you all know my recent one: Red Epi Speedy : Is that a lunchbox?