Weirdest Chanel Ad I've ever seen *pic*

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  1. Scanned from NM the Book. No info on anything. Is it just me or does this seem like a weird layout from them?

  2. That is hilarious and yes, weird. She could have done without the water sprayer thing lol!
  3. Someone got paid a lot of money to come up with that stupid ad!

    NM needs to get a better advertising agency... or do they do it in-house? Whatever, it is truly a bad ad.
  4. the digital imaging is terrible, i can totally see that there's a retouching on the foreground and background!
  5. :confused1: WTH?
  6. It seems so mismatched haha.
  7. ROFL..WOW..STRANGE indeed...
  8. I always power wash with a $6K Chanel bag. You mean, it's not normal? (KIDDING)
  9. Those are exactly the shoes and bag I would wear when I was spraying water. (Not)
    What a weird ad.
  10. Power washer aside... What is UP with those pants? They're not even attractive?? She didn't push the pockets down enough, they're all bunched up.... gross.
  11. LOL - that is hilarious!
  12. HMMM.. what image are they trying to portray from the ad? :confused1::confused1:
  13. hey thats just me watering my grass
  14. Ads are meant to make you look, and hopefully look at for longer than a flip of the page. This one certainly does just that. In the ad world it's a job well done. Doesn't mean we have to like it. I, too, put on something really pricey just to powerwash the decking -- not. Something in black and rubberized helps you faint faster while repelling water. :smile:
  15. ITA! It looks like those pants were power-sprayed on her!