Weirdest auction I have seen-- a family?

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  1. Wow.. that is bizarre! Lol!
  2. Were they inspired by that holiday movie with Ben Affleck?
  3. There's people of all kind out there trying to make a buck???
  4. I wouldn't touch that listing or that family with a 10 foot pole. Seems very strange.
  5. I just had a look at the photos of that 'birkin' using goofbay. It's a nasty fake.
  6. You can't do a Paypal reversal on this one :0
    And check out the shipping - UPS GROUND!
  7. ^ lol, so.... they will have the family "pack and ready to ship" to buyer's home or "ship" the buyer to theirs. :sweatdrop:
  8. Oh dear, what the heck is this all about?!?
  9. Oh I didn't think of that! You can do a Paypal reversal cos you didn't receive their (assumingly mobile) home by UPS Ground! LOL I don't think they saw that one coming!
  10. Who else is watching this to see if they get any bidders? :P
  11. Those poor kids imagine have a stranger surprising you in the bathroom or worse....
  12. The person who bids and wins could be walking into a house of horrors for all they know...very strange auction.
  13. what about we all put it in watch list and hit up the seller's mind, lol
  14. Wow....that is weird indeed! Maybe someone's playing a trick on them? Yikes!
  15. lol i can't believe they were selling a birkin bag too... what a bunch of random things haha. that being said, this particular auction is definitely creepy :/
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