Weirdest auction I have seen-- a family?

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  1. i dont understand why people would list those listing to waste their listing FEEs. out of 3000, it's not cheap....nobody gonna bid/buy that
  2. now i really have seen it all....what a load of nonsense!
  3. :wtf:
  4. It's kinda creepy...what if some pedophile bids? They have kids!
  5. It sounds like they're building a house, and want someone to pay them to teach them how to help. That's even better than free labor.

  6. Seriously!!!!
  7. It sounds to me like they're just trying to get someone to help them do plumbing and painting for free (or even worse -a fee!)
  8. seriously?
  9. That's just weird.
  10. It's a joke right?! Wait, maybe they're one of those cults and are trying to recruit people.
  11. huh?
  12. This could also be a prank - someone who stumbled onto the family's website, stole their pictures for this auction and used some of the info on the website to create the wording.
  13. Check out their other auctions-- a hermes birkin. Who would bid on that given this crazy auction?
  14. ^ Of crud, someone just bought the hermes for best offer of $3500. I wonder what they will acutally receive from this "family".
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