Weirddd fake

  1. I have to wonder if the person who made that was blind?!
  2. I could just imagine poor blind kids forced to make fakes.
  3. Ahaha I am cracking up now
  4. I love that they called it "European Style." Riiiiiiiight.
  5. I sometimes, though, do seriously wonder if the fake makers think the people who see their goods have no idea what a real LV looks like.
  6. Yikes!!!
  7. I think a blind, one-armed chimp could stitch together a better fake. :lol:
  8. beat that mess with a stick :sick:
  9. It looks like somebodys home Ec. project. LV created with found materials:wondering V
  10. Eww, it's hideous!

    In the 3rd pic, it reminds me of the American flag, haha. And what's with the Chanel box? :huh:
  11. Haaaahahahhahahahaaaaa! HA!
  12. It looks like a bad genetics experiment.
  13. that's terrible.
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