1. My fiance and I were at the movies on Friday and we saw his ex-gf there. I recognized her still after 12 years. We just moved back to Texas from California and its our first real outing and bam! We run into his ex. I enjoyed seeing her cause she let herself go. She has always been heavy set, but now she is real hefty!! Just wanted to share!!

    ps. I remember how she wanted to beat me up in highschool and I was terrified!!:roflmfao:
  2. he he, and I hope you looked absolutely gorgeous!! :biggrin:

    See, its better than buying a new dress when you see an ex that is past their best ;)
  3. Karma! Nice to see when mean people get theirs! (And have nothing to do with it!)
  4. lol What an ego boost!
  5. that always makes me feel better. just don't get her mad or she might sit on you :O
  6. lol hehehe :smile:
  7. Wow, I was kind of in the same situation. In high school my boyfriend dated his ex. When we got together she was jealous. We saw her not to long ago at a restaurant. I don't think my boyfriend saw her, but I definately did, she walked away real fast.