Weird weird dreamm..

  1. i had the weirdest dream last night..
    i guess it's partly because i'm so addicted to this forum that i cannot not check this site once in a day!!of course..obsession in a good way..*wink..anyways..i dreamt that i was in Rodeo drive..yes yes..that very famous n popular street that has LV Chanel Gucci Hermes Tods Fendi and every other brand that we "shallowly obsess" about every day in it..and i was given 3 wishes to have anything i want from any store..(but only 3 things..the genie is way too STINGY..i want more..hahaha.) the 3 things that came up to my mind was...surprisingly..

    (1)A birkin..
    (2)A fully bling bling Jacob n co watch
    (3)And lastly a full and complete set of the LV multicolor travelling set (make up kit,luggage..bla bla bla..)

    If you were given 3 wishes like mine..what would be dying to grab...??

    :idea:'s fun to dream and fantasize...:lol:
    be creative girls...
  2. 1) rouge hermes birkin with pallidium hardware in togo or clemance (probably clemance) and a scarf to tie on it :smile:

    2) diamond wardrobe from cartier or tiffany -- bezel set round brilliant solitaire pendant (2 carats), 1.5 - 2 carat studs, pave eternity band and a 2-3 carat ascher solitare.

    3) mono travel set that would be automatically replaced if something was lost or damaged. :smile:

    was that cheating? :smile:

    i had a weird dream last night spree at LV! and suprisingly i was most excited about my framboise pochette cles, which makes me think i should buy one. hehe. i was so sad when i woke up. :smile:
  3. Hahaha you girls are actually making like, 10 wishes there!
  4. 1.) Birkin bags, in every size and color

    2.) Every single louis vuitton bag ever made, in every color and style

    3.)A ring, with a giant rock from tiffany's

    I had a weird dream last night too! I dreamt this guy ripped the zipper of my coach bag.
  5. I'm not going to cheat!

    1) Birkin
    2) Something from the Louis Vuitton Eye Love you collection. :smile:
    3) a BV woven bag in a beautiful fuscia color like Norikos!
  6. I had a dream recently (not last night specifically) that was vaguely Purse Forum-related: I dreamt that I was reading a newspaper and there was an article on Marc Jacobs, and as I was reading the article, it was mentioned that Ayla was a good friend of Marc Jacobs. Lol, I thought that was kinda funny :biggrin:.
    Ayla, if you're reading this thread, hope you liked this funny dream!
  7. ok. i'll do it for real and not cheat. :smile:

    1) said birkin

    2) wedding set from tiffany's or cartier (this is not cheating because they sell them in a set that you can't break up! heheh.)

    3) 1.5-2 carat diamond studs
  8. Ok, so I guess this is ...500 ? 1000? wishes :lol: I'm kinda surprised you didn't wish your everything ever made by Tiffany's hahaha
  9. Ok, since I've been the cheating police on this thread, I guess I really hafta stick to 3 wishes:

    1) 3 stone ring from Tiffany's. Center stone 3 carats and 1.5 on either side. Flawless stones, of course. Must make most of wish!

    2) large Chanel cambon reporter bag in black w/ white CCs

    3) Paddie in cream
  10. Haha.. that's awesome !! If ONLY I was MJ's bestest friend, then he could hook me up with the latest and greatest from Louis Vuitton ! :amuse:

    If I could have 3 things from Rodeo drive.. oooh only 3? That's tough, but here goes.

    1) The largest diamond engagement ring made by Tiffanys.. bling bling !

    2) 35 cm fuschia ostrich Birkin, will settle for a black one too if they're having trouble meeting my demands !

    3) Grey Chanel reissue, 227 size.. they just so happened to have been holding one in the back for me ! :lol:
  11. Hmmm, I already have a Tiffany engagement ring (not quite bling-y enough, but picked out by FH, so special), so...

    1. Huge bling-y wedding band from Tiffany to go with engagement ring.

    2. BJ Birkin 35 (I looove big bags!!)

    3. Huge Tiffany diamond studs!!

    Diamonds are my best friend :smile:
  12. yes it's cheating..!but that's allright..
    hahahha..i cheat too!!
    hey it's our dream rite..hahaha..
  13. hahahaha..I know!!!
    that's the fun part..!!:lol:
  14. Wooo..i likey number 3..

    Ripped the zipper??
    i would've slam dunk that guy..HAHA
  15. that's funny..
    ayla go make friends with MJ so we can get free goodiess...hihi