Weird Thing - Vernis Alma MM, GM

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  1. I have them both, haven't used them yet, was poking around inside.

    Each has a clochette with numbered key - but neither had a lock!

    I called LV and she said they didn't come with locks. She even put me on hold so she could check and came back and said no locks.

    Sheesh, how odd! I would have to buy locks if I wanted, I asked, it was confirmed by her.

    Am I (or LV) losing our minds or is this really true? Any of these bag-owners, can you tell me your experiences?:huh:
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    I have an amarante alma MM and it has a lock. If you look at the zipper pull you will see there is a hole for the lock to go. Guess what... they had no idea what they are talking about, SHOCKER!!! It seems like 99% of the time when either I hear someone ask a question or I ask the SA (or customer service rep) they give out totally give out wrong info. I am always amazing how little they know. I usually just reply "oh I will just go home and sign onto tpf and find out for myself" Or if it is a customer, I will answer the question after the SA says "I have no idea" and they usually all just look at me like how the heck do I know that.... The other day I was in LV and someone was asking for a bag the SA had no clue. The customer was like it is the mono bag with the balls that hang off the zipper... Only one bag has that.. It is the popincourt haut. I had to tell them what bag the other customer was looking. I knew right away. I was in there with a friend and we asked to see the totally and the SA said they don't have a bag by that name. We pointed to it RIGHT BEHIND him, and told him that is the totally. I also had the head SA tell me that they were out of stock on something.. I came home and found out the reason they were out of stock is because they never made it. I called her out on it the next time I was in there. She was shocked and did not believe me until after about 20 minutes when she went to look it up on the computer. I could go on and on and on......

    Sorry for the rant... I am just so sick of clueless SA's
  3. Thats weird! if it comes with a should come with a lock!
  4. The SA must be clueless as beljwl mentioned.:yes:
  5. For the amount of money you spent on those bags, you deserve a lock & key!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. They really are totally clueless. They just work at an upscale store and not all have brains to go with it
  7. EVERY ALMA that I have seen has locks on them...that would defeat the purpose for the zippers to have those little holes for the locks to go on then...the SA was clearly confused.
  8. Talk to the manager instead. That will light fire under their ass.
  9. ^^i agree!
  10. i just have to say... you go girl! show your lv knowledge:yahoo:
    but definitely go to other SAs for help.... i think that applies to any store/boutique because some people are just either clueless or lazy. -_-
  11. Well, I bought it off - but I will call a local boutique.

    It did sound awful bizarre to me!

    Thanks, ladies and gents
  12. Isn't the lock for Vernis also more shiny and polished? At least I had this impression..
  13. OK, embarrassing confession, but still annoyed at CS

    -- I typically store clochettes, keys, tags, etc of all my designer bags in labeled envelopes in a file cabinet folder for the brand bag.

    Even though I missed it the other day when I checked, I later found the locks today for both vernis Almas in my file :shame:

    I am still HIGHLY annoyed that a CS rep from would tell me these bags come w/o a lock!!! WTF?

    Stay on your toes, ladies regarding these details. I can't believe she wold actually 'put me on hold' to confirm I was not supposed to have locks with these bags.

    Mea culpa, but we can all learn a lesson.
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    So strange my Pomme alma came with a lock! my Miroir Alma didn't though!

    oh glad you found them!
  15. Phew! I am glad you found them too...cause I am looking forward to the locks on "my" almas...I am claiming those bags!