Weird thing happening when I switch to different places in here

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  1. I'm not sure if this is only happening to me but whenever I switch to go into a different area on the forum, like from the Ebay section to deals and steals then I'm automatically taken into a thread in that new section without even having to click on it. It's happened a few times and I'm not sure if it's a glitch or just my computer? Just letting you guys know!
  2. are you using Forum Jump to do it? There's new little arrows in that window and I think that's what they cause you to do.
  3. The little arrows bring you to the last post in the forum. Click on the forum name to get to the forum itself.
  4. ^^ Thanks! I actually figured that out after it happened a few times :shame: Thanks for the responses though.
  5. I'm so glad they are gone now, too!!