Weird thing happened when I was revising today


Nov 29, 2007
I needed to revise a couple of items I'm selling. For some reason my shipping defaulted to insurance included. Anyway I don't want to include insurance on some of my cheaper items and went in to revise them. Well....I get a message that I am no longer linked to paypal, my account is locked, something about fakes, blah, blah, blah. I finally got some help on Live Chat and was told I needed to relink my ebay account w/ paypal. They were never not linked. I asked the rep that helped me if I did something wrong and her response was I needed to relink my account. I followed the steps, relinked and everything seems fine now. I never did get a reason for why it happened.

Is this weird? Ever happened to anyone? I'm perplexed....:confused1:
yes mine I discovered unlinked several time... and guess when I have discovered them unlinked? Right when I was in the middle of bidding war. The seller had a "paypal account required" which I do have and have had it linked forever and ever. As I tried to enter my highest bid for 2nd time (I had already entered an earlier bid which all I was trying to do is make sure it was not outbid), my 2nd bid was denied. This happened during the last 10 mins of bidding, not enough time to 'link' them again, by the time I redid it the servers were slow and the auction was over. Oh well, someone else outbid me but the seller could have gotten much more for sure had my bid gone thru.