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  1. Since I have become obsessed with the idea of getting a large cambon tote, I have been noticing them everywhere! Recently I was watching My Super Sweet Sixteen (I know, I know, but I can't help it!) & I saw what looked like a pink Cambon tote on one of the girls, but it seems smaller than large but bigger than the medium. Is it a fake? These girls all have so much money, it just seems weird to be that they'd buy a fake with their parents credit cards when they could just go buy one the real thing. Am I wrong? Does it just look different on people than in the catalogue pix?
  2. I think it's weird that they would have a fake, but it does look strange to me. I think it is fake! The logo looks very small..
  3. Ew it is fake! gross! You can see the poor quality leather/pleather on the bag! :yucky:
  4. How weird!! Another one of the Super Sweet 16 girls had a bag that looked just like that one too only in white. The one w/ the Egyptian themed party from Long Island. Why would you buy a fake when you have all the money in the world?? I just don't understand!
  5. Are you guys sure it's fake? I watch the show too (no apologies) and she says her father buys her the bags . The large tote is alot different than the medium tote-the size is east-west, the medium is so vertical looking. I thought the bag on the last show with the girl from Long Island was fake. It was the white/black cambon style tote.
  6. I can't tell about the size so much, I was thinking the color looked a little dull though.
  7. ^^ yes, I agree about the med being more vertical.
  8. I know I watch these shows just to see what bags they're carrying!!
  9.'s all very mysterious...
  10. One more question! Are the large totes flexable? I mean do they collapse at all or are they more stiff & structures & always stand straight up with sides out?
  11. They're soft but structured. . . they don't really collapse IMO.
  12. yes, the bag is a fake!also the double C look starnge to me.....who knows...:graucho:
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