weird situation, please read.

  1. hello!

    I recently sold gucci online. I had a starting price and a buy it now. The buyer who had 0 feedback used the buy it now. I sent them the invoice and was dissapointed that a feedback user of 0 bid, because normally they dont know the rules, dont care and usually arent serious. So I sent them the invoice and saw they were from canada. fine. well, after sending them the invoice I look back on ebay and see they are now not registered. so I thought GREAT! I filed to get my final value fees credited, they credited back right away because buyer was no longer registered. So, later on that day i get an email from the buyer stating they first wanted to know the total and then they wanted to have DHL come to my house and pick up the package so they could use there account # with DHL to be ship.

    they also wanted to use a payment menthod other then bidpay and paypal. they told me they were going to pay using western union. I get this really unusual email from western union saying an order is pending. But the images were all off and the font was suspicios. This morning i get an email from saying the order was approved and that they would bring me a money order or CASH to my doorstep AFTER they verify the item was sent out? WTF?? who does that? so they said they wanted a scanned copy of a reciept showing shipement before they would give me my money, yeah right.

    I notice the shipment address...NIGERA!!!!!!
    can you believe that? I knew from day #1 something was up when the buyer insisted he could pay for shipping and then said DHL would come pick up the box so that he could have his DHL account charged and now this email is saying to send item out and then i would get paid 3-5 days later...esp to nigera....

    needless to say, I DIDNT ship anything out and dont plan on doing so.
    so please be careful with this nigeran fraud going around.:Push:
  2. UGH!
    I started on ebay almost ten years ago. I made a decent income and people could pay with money orders, money orders OR money orders!
    After a bad check I learned not to take them.
    They sent the money, I shipped. Everyone was happy. We left feedback.
    ah, the good old days.

    Now it's a hotbed for scams and foolishness and a good way to eventually get scammed by freaky buyers using Paypal. Which is no one's pal.

    Sorry you had to go through this. Glad you didn't get scammed. ebay used to be a really great place to trade.
  3. Thanks for letting us know about this.
  4. it's really too bad...Ebay is such a great place to find deals. You always have to be careful now.
  5. Yeah, ebay used to be soo good... Paypal is no longer your pal...
  6. God, that's awful! I sold my friend's guitar over ebay about two months ago and 3 (!) bidders wrote me that they got a 2nd chance offer from this other weired email address-really, what happened to ebay?!! (They would have lost over 3k if they would have paid it!!!:cursing: )
  7. That scam you are talking about used to be limited to craigslist and such....sad that ebay is letting it happen.
  8. What is a shame is that innocent, trusting people still fall for these scams. Good for you for not having any part of it! I think the majority of people on ebay are still honest, but the evil few are definitely ruining it for the rest of us.
  9. I know that this sounds draconian, but I post a strict "US buyers only, verified addresses only" policy when I sell on ebay and in 4+ years of selling I've never had a problem that wasn't quickly and easily resolved. I've only ever had one nonpaying bidder, on an item that cost $.99. It's just harder to commit fraud domestically, though certainly not impossible. I do sell to pre-approved bidders from Canada as well (and have approved bidders from Asia and Europe), but only after determining that they are legit ebay members by actually conversing with them via email.
  10. Ebay may not know about this. Hope you filed a compliant with them. And you definately did the right thing by not sending. And never, ever let anyone not registered know your home address!

    I dealt with WU before sending money to family in Florida and they never come to your house! I wouldn't use WU unless wireing a friend/family member or using Quick Collect to pay a creditor.

    You may want to report the phony WU receipt to WU.

    My husband is a mailman and this Nigeria Scam has been going around in various forms. Some people who actually went to Nigeria were never seen from again!

    Kudos for your smarts and savvy in this matter!