Weird Sidekick II PM problem

  1. I have a weird problem when displaying tPF on my SK2 lately :push:

    Everything works fine, except replying to PM :confused1: When I click the "Reply" button the box I enter the text in is only shown half so in the other half I'm typing blind :p

    Anybody else experienced that?
  2. Flat out, our web site is not meant to be viewed on a small portable like the SK II. I wish there was more I could advise you, but I can't. You are just best off viewing it in a normal browser on a PC.
  3. Yeah, I usually do anyway :p But the weird thing is that it ued to be ok :confused1: I had no problems whatsoever displaying tPF but suddenly that weird PM box showed up :shrugs: weird
  4. actually i've been having that problem for a while.... i've just given up. but it used to work.
  5. i use tpf on my sidekick 2 all the time.,,,, i have to view it in the old mode not the new pastel pink and purple mode, i cant see anything in the new mode

    but in the old mode, it works fine,,,, i cant reply to threads by clicking reply i have to click QUOTE someone elses msg and then just write under it but PMing never seemed to be a problem just SLOW