Weird sexual texts and calls from a stranger...

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  1. Sunday night at 11pm my phone rings and I picked it up. It was a random number but sometimes my phone doesn't display contacts (glitchy) and I figured what if it's an emergency because I don't memorize numbers. I pick up and some guy asks "are you available tonight?" To which I respond "available?!" I'm a completely confused tone. He continues on "I'm looking for an escort, I found your number on backpage." Now I'm shocked so I tell him that I am NOT an escort to which he replies "are you sure?" In a skeptical tone. I was so pissed, I told him I am not an escort and that this is a mistake and to never call my number again. I was truly freaked out but chalked it up to misdialing. My sister was convinced it was someone screwing with me. Googled the number and it came up in red hook/gowanus Brooklyn, very close to where I live. Too close. She texted him and he went on to say how he found my number on the backpage and how I'm lying so she texted him back and said "leave me alone I'm a married woman who is not interested in this conversation" he continued on with some really dirty text messages and then he sends pics and his instagram and says to add him (yeah right) my sister went on to tell him "if you think i am lying then send me the link of my ad in the backpage." he said he couldnt because he looked at so many listings that he doesnt know which one is which and that mine said i was doing incalls in midtown!! I was so freaked out by all of this, I have really bad anxiety and def don't need this. The thing is he has been texting my sisters phone thinking it is me every night since Sunday. He says gross things and tonight he was demanding I tell him he is good looking and that if I were not married that I would have sex with him, that it's the only thing holding me back. I'm getting worried because he is really weird. I worry that he will find where I live or my name by looking up my number or her number.i don't know what to think. Could it have been a mistake and now he is bored and bothering us? Is it someone I know that is screwing around with me for kicks? Could it be that someone who doesn't like me posted my number somewhere? I don't know what to do. I told him tonight that if he doesn't stop texting me I will go to the police. Not only is he trying to solicit sex from a prostitute but now he is bothering a complete stranger for sex as well which is now harassment. If he doesn't stop there will be consequences and he said sorry. I said "I AM SERIOUS." He read it and didn't answer. Help!! What should I do??
  2. Block his number and if that doesn't work then you always have the option to change your number. I've gotten crank calls over the years.. it's not that big of a deal. There are some very immature people out there. Also stop engaging with him.
  3. He has been blocked. I cannot even imagine someone having this much time on their hands to prank someone. You never know anymore if someone really is a sicko or not.
  4. I'm so sorry this happened to you :sad: there are some really crazy people in this world
  5. -block his number
    -never engage with him again
  6. Make an annoying phone call report
  7. Seriously! People need better outlets where boredom is concerned!

    Done & done!

    Can you really do that?
  8. This happened to me a long time ago. Weird guy randomly called and got my number. I stupidly talked for a couple minutes and then he wouldn't stop calling. I learned to never engage in any conversation with nuts like that. He's looking for a reaction.
  9. Ugh I hope he will just leave me alone!!
  10. Won't matter if he's blocked :smile:
  11. Good lord the minute he asked "Are you available tonight?" you hang up and block the number. Simple as that. Why you engaged him and texted him is mind boggling to me. It is a scam of some sort. Or a perv getting off. If its the latter, you talking/texting to him is exactly what he would want.
  12. TRUE!! He's blocked so that's taken care of!

    Well granted that I am a stylist and it's nyfw, I do get calls asking if I am available so it wasn't that far fetched of a request until I was like "available for what." When I got a creepy vibe. I don't know why I engaged him. It was a stupid thing to do, no doubt but I got nervous and when I get nervous I don't think straight. I def do think it's the latter so yeah he's blocked.
  13. :smile:
  14. I just don't understand why engage and

    continue to communicate to this freak
    If you don't know this person , I would have block this number right away and never text back 😳
  15. I hope that's the last of him. But how did he get your number in the first place? If you get other strange calls, you may want to consider changing your number.