weird sas

  1. who else have met rude or weird sas?
    i met one in phoenix who presented all my stuff wrapped up, before that, she did not even confirmed the colour or allowed me to check the quality and when i wanted to check the stuff, she rolled her eyes and looked all impatient.
    she did not even bother to hide tt she was rolling her eyes.
    whats wrong with checking....
    i bought 7 pieces for her to give me that look.
    so now, i am gonna return them all and re-purchase them from another store because i now have the 25% coupon!
    never going back to the one in phoenix to buy anything anymore.

  2. Eww...what a b*tch! There's no reason for anyone to be rude. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience! I would definitely want to check everything out. I always do, because you do spend a lot on the products and you want them to be perfect. Well, at least now you have a coupon!!! I'm sure you will have a much nicer SAS where ever you go next. They are usually so sweet.
  3. That's weird! Ask for the manager next time!
  4. I've only been treated weird at one outlet but never in a boutique. I went into an outlet with my family (dh and 4 kids 10 and older) and they were following me around the store like little ducklings. I was totally ignored. When my dh suggested that they wait outside for me while I shop, all of the sudden the SAs were interested in me and my white Ali! LOL! I walked out and didn't buy a thing!
  5. I always feel like I'm being judged or bothering the SA's at any of the stores out here. it's weird. (I'm in southern CA).
  6. The only thing that happened to me with a SA was at a Coach store in san diego or actually all the SA's working there the time I went. The SA in the front just said "hi" with no enthusiasm and didn't even bother to help my husband and i. I was going to buy something but decided not to because of their poor customer service. Usually at the Coach store I go to at Horton ALL the SA's would say hi and ask how I was or anything. They even give compliments. They are so nice! And always ask if I need help or if someone is already helping me. The other store was so crappy. NO ONE bothered to help or even talked to us and there was hardly anyone there.
  7. Wow what a horrible experience. Being a SA at a retail store myself (not at Coach) I cannot imagine being so rude to a customer! I can't believe she rolled her eyes at you! If I were you I would call the store manager and let her know.
  8. I'm in AZ also. I've been to the Chandler Mall Coach Boutique and the new Gilbert San Tan Coach Boutique and the SA's in BOTH shops are just as snooty and rude! They don't let me examine my purchases either before they wrap them up. And then they have the nerve to be upset that you're returning the items for one reason or another!

    Now, I've never had that kind of treatment from the SA's at the Outlets I've been to (the Camarillo Outlet & the Desert Hills Outlet, both in CA). The SA's at those Outlets have always been VERY helpful and informative and they even try to find the items in the "best" condition for me (unscratched, etc) from the back and let me look them over thoroughly before purchasing.
  9. yep i would say i have been treated better at the outlet here than in any of the boutiques in the metro area. esp the galleria in edina- happens to be the closest one to me and it's in a high end mall- so when i go in a definately stand out- but that doesn't mean i don't have money to spend in there. i wish they would realize that.
  10. yes, its the one at chandler.
    you would think that when you are giving them commisson, that they would try to make you feel more at home but no.....
    they go all out of their way to be snooty and rude towards me.
    its such a disappointment and yes, this is the first time that i experienced this at any coach store.
    all others are sooo friendly and helpful!
  11. Some of the SA's give you snotty looks when you just come in to buy accessories but I have never had a horrible experience. I even bought a bag over eBay that was from an outlet. I took it in to match a scarf for it and they even wrapped the purse in a box. It was a present for my mom so I really appreciated the extra thought they put in when I asked.
  12. Wow! I can't believe this. All of the SAs at my store go above and beyond to help me. When I was in a few weeks ago, the SA wrapped up my purchase also but not before she went into the back, pulled out all of the bags she had in that style and asked me to look them all over and choose the most perfect one. She did this without me asking her, completely on her own. She then took my choice into the bag and wrapped it all up in a box with tissue and pretty ribbon so that I would have "something nice to unwrap when you get home". I am always so impressed with the wonderful customer service I have received. Although at the outlet near me in Burlington, while I find the SAs extremely nice and helpful, I find the manager very rude to all of her customers. I refuse to shop from that store because I don't want to help her sales and drive 30 mins farther to the Seattle outlets. I am so sorry that you experienced such poor service and I think you are right to return your purchase and buy it elsewhere. I think you should mention, when you return them that you love all of the items but that the service you received was sub-par. Sorry but for the amount of money we spend, we shouldn't have to deal with rudeness or snotty behaviour.
  13. I just don't understand why those of you who get bad service don't speak up!! YOU are the customer....speak up and let them know that you aren't going to be treated poorly when you are spending your $$$.
  14. next time i will do tt.
    i swear!!!
    i shud have rite.... bt i was more of like :wtf:
    and thn,.... got mre and mre mad thinking abt it afterwards!:yucky:
  15. I totally agree! I would be just shocked that you're getting this attitude and since it's not in my nature to cause a scene, I just walk off and get more and more upset about it later. But I have found out that complaining to the Manager doesn't do you any good because they tend to be more like their SA's of that same store. I just end up shopping at a different Coach store. Next time, I would probably have to complain to their Corp office if I really want to be heard and understood.