Weird SA in Chanel

  1. I recently fell in love with the GST/PST/petite shopper but haven't seen the real thing before. So today, I went to check out the real ones in Chanel - London at Selfridges & Co in Bond Street. So, here's what happened.. when I went in there, I saw someone with a bag that looks like the petite shopper. Except the chain was different, and the edges were rounder. But since I haven't seen the real petite shopper before, I asked the SA - is that the petite shopper? And you know what she said?

    "Oh, we don't give our bag names. It is just a bag." I was like.... :wtf::confused1: So the ladies in TPF have been talking rubbish then? LOL.

    I just thought that was funny. I don't know why, but the SAs weren't very friendly. And they don't know their stuffs well too. They had the petite shopper, and when I asked how much it was.. She was like.. I think it's 600 something.. and when she takes out the tag and saw that it was 900something.. she was shocked. :sweatdrop:

    Oh, and about the bag that looks like the petite shopper - it was really cute. :yes: But i like the chains on petite shopper better.. Hehe. SA said it was new..

    So that was lil my story there...
  2. That seems cheap for whatever!
  3. She's talking about 900 UK Pounds....;)
  4. lol oh makes sense
  5. it was probably the Petit Timeless Classic Tote. . .
    but what a weird experience! LOL!
  6. Yeah, not exactly helpful was she :tdown:.....well did you buy?:confused1:

    Hope not - so you can go back and right in front of her ask for a different SA and make a point of buying it then.:p

    Sort of the Pretty Woman movie thing....hehehe.
  7. I had a similar experience with an SA at Southcoast Plaza. She told me the SAME exact thing "We dont give our purses names..." I felt like such a fool when I referenced a bag in the store. Eeks!:cursing:
  8. It just so happens TPFers know more than most SAs. lol

  9. Probably because it would be too much to ask of some of the SAs to remember names as they are too darn busy re-pricing everything all the time....:cursing: LOL!
  10. LOL:roflmfao:
  11. I had the same experience at Selfridge's == the SAs in the Chanel dept were very rude so I bought other brands. Not a terrific selection either.
  12. sometimes I mess up with names so I go to and write down the serial number.
  13. I experienced that Chanel SAs are the most arrogant, not knowing and snottiest persons I ever met in a luxury boutique. In Munich it's so bad that I prefer to order via phone from Frankfort.
  14. That is soo darn right! :p
  15. My words exactly! That is why I never bought a Chanel from there! I always wanted to scream please repeat with me :"My name is not Coco" :cursing: