weird SA at chanel barcelona-reissue with pearl necklace!!! please help me out!

  1. hi ladies,

    today i went into the chanel boutique in barcelona in order to take a look at the classic flap and the reissue, both in black.

    they had the black reissue there in medium with silver chain (for 1,700 €). when i asked for the black reissue with gold hardware (which i was actually looking for), she then showed me a bag which had some decoration on it, a pearl necklace and a small mirror hanging at the chain (i think it's weird to imagine how it looks unless you've seen one in real life). this bag was 2,200 €, which is 3,000 USD!!! when i asked if she had the bag without all that decoration, she then told me that they only had it with all that decoration stuff and that it belonged to this season's collection. then i asked her why the price was so expensive and if it would be because of the decoration, but she answered that the decoration was for free, as a gift, and that the bag would always cost that much! isn't this weird??? depending on what i've seen in this forum's reference library, i thought the bag would be about 1600 € (about 2000 USD)??? am i right or wrong? or is this already the price increase?

    after that, she showed me the classic flap in medium (lambskin) which is about 1600 €. i asked her to reserve it for me as i am going there again tomorrow morning.

    so what do think? what shall i do? get the classic flap or wait for the reissue? but, in case the reissue is really that expensive now, shoud i rather get the classsic one?

    please help me out!!!

    thanks in advance!!!
  2. I just got the black reissue without the pearls for $2350. (2007 one). Maybe they haven't arrived in your store yet? I prefer it over the classic flap...
  3. i'm waiting to get mine!!
  4. So far as I know, the original black reissue with gold hardware is no longer widely available, except on secondary markets or as an occasional return to a boutique or department store. The bag you were shown is from the current fall collection, and is functionally a black reissue/gold hardware with the extra pearls and mirror that make it a special edition. It is a lot more expensive than a plain reissue would be in the equivalent size, even at the new and increased prices, because of the extras. The "plain" reissues for the current season are the black metallic with silver hardware and the dark silver metallic.

  5. thanks, rollergirl! too bad! i don¡t understand whz they don't have it anymore-i mean its classy and i'm sure it's popular. the new addition, with all that decoration, is kinda sweet, but it's absolutely not worth the money!
  6. There is a fall 07 226 black reissue with gold HW. I got mine from a Chanel boutique about 10 days ago as have several others on the forum. It is unclear how many have been made and there is some confusion as to whether any department stores are selling them, although it appears that they are not. The department stores are selling the one with the pearls and for substantially more. I believe I paid about $2350 and I think the one with the pearls is closer to $3000.
  7. Here's the sku# Style: 07A A30226 Y04634 / size 226 w/gold hardware (this is the plain reissue for this season without pearls etc..) Clandy, I and few other tPF members own it, you can also see the pictures of it @ the reference thread.
  8. Well, shows you what I know! I guess since I was looking for a 227 and the black metallic, I didn't find out everything. It must be a boutique offering, because there was no mention of anything other than the pimped out one at the dept. store trunk shows. I hope you can find one.
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  12. Yup I got one too! Esp when we were all so certain they weren't releasing the black with gold hw anymore! And I think minami got one too right? Don't get the one w the pearls if you don't want all the extras, IMO it costs too much..Sorry for all the repeat posts, there was a problem when I tried to post and all these multiple posts showed up..
  13. i called two other chanel boutiques yesterday, and you know what? they both told me that they never had this style before in one of their shops! i find it kinda weird! i mean, isn´t the reissue, especially in black, not very famous and popular?

    at least they both told me that they could order it! thanks again to rollergirl for the reference number, it was a great help, because the ladies at chanel first didn´t know which bag i was talking about... but finally they´re gonna get me one!!! yeah!!!
  14. sorry!!! of course meant thegraceful with the reference number!!! thanks a lot!!!
  15. You are welcome ladyblunt!
    pics. are also posted it at reference library under "reissues, flap etc."