Weird response from a question to a seller

  1. Hi girls! I saw a pair of shoes that I really wanted on eBay (in my size too!) that were described as never worn and in BNIB condition. The price was quite reasonable, so I sent a "question" to the seller to confirmed that shipping to Canada was express with tracking because the price for shipping seemed like it was for that, but on the listing (at the bottom) it said that it was for standard international. In the pics she provided the shoes looked good, but it looked like there might have been some scratches on the patent leather. The pics weren't that big, so even when I placed my face 5mm away from my computer screen I couldn't tell if those marks were real scratches or just flash from the camera. I wanted to confirm that the shoes were not damaged in anyway and in perfect condition.

    Anyways, I did the "ask the seller a question" and she replied quite promptly, but her answer was (to me at least) a bit odd. I never questioned the authenticity of the shoes, as I think they are auth from her feedback. She said they were bought from Saks. Ok, I thought. And then she added: "please do not bid on my item if you do not have faith in me as a seller - i do not take returns."

    Huh...I thought my question was quite innocent. I didn't have any bad intentions. I never sold anything on eBay before, but for tPFers that do, do you usually say this to a potential customer? It kinda left me feeling a bit awkward...a bit suspicious? I unno...

    Let me know what you guys think. I really want the shoes..hahahahah..
  2. Perhaps your seller thought because you were trying to make sure the shoes were in "perfect condition" even though the auction stated it was brand new, that you may be difficult to deal with in the future, so she wanted to put the disclaimer out. I wouldn't read too much into it - if she has good feedback and her auction seems legit, go for it. She's probably just had her fair share of bad buyers and wanted to cover her butt.
  3. Personally, I think that is a very weird response. I have sold many expensive things on eBay (as well as bought) and I can't imagine ever responding that way to a question (unless the question was about authenticity and my reputation as a seller.) The only other thing I can imagine is that there may be a language/cultural barrier (for the seller.) Even if my listing guarantees authenticity up, down and sideways, I will still cordially answer authenticity questions if buyers have them -- that's what I would want if I was a buyer. At the same time, some sellers can't be bothered to answer questions at all, so you do have to give her that. I would just respond with "Thanks, but I was just wondering if the shoes have scratches on them?" and see what she comes back with...good luck!
  4. It sounds to me like she purposefully avoided your true question and then stated that she did not take returns. No, I wouldn't bid on them if it were me and I wouldn't have 'faith in her as a seller' based on that response.

    Good luck!

  5. If that's all there was to her response, I'd be suspicious... but if she answered your questions about shipping and condition then I'd be okay with it!
  6. it's seller's responsibility to answer any questions, as a seller, I find that reply a bit rude. Perhaps you can be more specific or ask for close up pix? Can you send bigger pictures? I can't tell if it's scratch or glare from the auction pix.....something along that line?
  7. Hi guys. Thanks for your replies. The particular pair of shoes I want are hard to find in my size because its from a past season, so I thought wow! I'm so lucky to see this auction!

    Here's exactly what I said:
    Hi, is the $35 shipping price for express? I live in Canada. Also, in one of your pictures, it looks like the patent leather is scratched a bit. Can you comment on that? Is that just the reflection off the floor or are there any marks on any parts of the shoe? Thanks so much!

    And here is her response:

    yes shipping is $35 as it must go with tracking to canada and that is only by express mail. the shoes are new - never worn purchased at saks fifth avenue. they shoes are perfect. please do not bid on my item if you do not have faith in me as a seller - i do not take returns. i have been doing this for many years and i give the best quality for the best price. all the best, ann


    So my initial reaction I read that was...ehh? I don't remember being offensive when I asked my question. I just wanted to clarify. I also thought it was just a bit rude. Also my question wasn't even on authenticity at all!

    Her feedback is 915 and its 99.9% so I take that as a good sign. She also responded to my question pretty quickly. Within the same night that I sent it, which is good too. I also checked her feedback to see that she has sold high end designer items before. Some costs way more than the shoes I'm interested in, and they were positive. No one commented on how the things she was selling wasn't auth.

    Thing is--I really love my shoes. I buy all of them new (like unused not neccessarily all retail some online as well) and try to keep them all in tip top shape, so I don't want to spend money on a pair of designer shoes, new ones, and recieve them and see that they have scratches. But she's the only one on ebay with my size...should I take a chance? If she doesn't take returns am I still covered if I pay through paypal?

    Also, I've bought expensive designer items on ebay and when I ask questions, the sellers just respond to what I ask. I've really never had this kind of response maybe I'm a bit sensitive? I really don't know cuz I'm not very ebay savvy. hehe.
  8. The seller's response was odd. I didn't read your question as insulting. What's wrong with her answering like, "I don't see any scratches on the patent leather, the scartches on the picture might just be a reflection."

    I'd email her back and clarify, but I won't bid on the item.
  9. My thoughts exactly!
  10. Reading her full response isn't as bad as I thought. I like her answer about shipping Express and she did clarify that the shoes aren't worn. It would have been nice if she said what you saw was the result of a flash and not a scratch, but I think she sounds okay. I would trust her. :yes:
  11. I also think she sounds OK. She answered the question about shipping, and I think she addressed the scratches question when she said that the shoes are perfect. My guess is that she just wants to make it clear that she'd rather skip a sale than risk having someone who is going to be unhappy later, which to me is a sign of a good seller, not a bad one.

    Maybe you could thank her for the response and ask her for one more picture of the part of the shoes you're concerned about if you'd like a better look? I'd be very gracious and say that you appreciate her efforts, see her great feedback, and are very comfortable buying from her, and then say that you would like a closer look at x just to make sure of what you are seeing?
  12. Well, if she has stated new and unused I would take a shot.

    Ladies- if she get the shoes and they have scratches she could recover her money since ANY use would void the "new and unused" they were advertised as, no?
  13. ^^If the shoes have scratches, especially only on the patent leather, it doesn't necessarily mean that they were used. I've gone to Saks and tried on shoes that were scratched on the leather. Saks (Beverly Hills) take all their shoes out and put them on display, it's difficult to have shoes "BNIB."

    However, if the shoes were used then it's SNAD.
  14. Gotcha! Makes sense...
  15. I agree...when I read the first post about what was said I did think that it was a bit odd, but reading the entire message does not sound as bad. I would be a bit curious as to why she does not come out and answer the question about the scratches...that would probably be enough for me to stay away.