weird reality shows i watch

  1. We bundle up with the kids and watch reality TV on the weekend nights...that's our life in a nutshell. Our DVR works overtime, because I don't even know which channel some of these are on.

    this season our favorites are...

    Gold Rush (love it)
    The Vanilla Ice Project (don't really like his taste..but he really has building knowledge)
    Hardcore Pawn (Detroit is like another world to me)

    all the Housewives, except Atlanta...NeNe and Kim I just can't relate to
  2. I will admit I got kind of sucked in last season when DH was watching Top Shot (I think that's what it's called) on the History Channel. I don't shoot guns and I have no interest in them but I guess it just goes to show if it's reality tv, I am a sucker for it.
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    When DH is watching football I watch Monster Fish (dang it is scary the stuff swimming around in rivers etc.), Man vs Food, or Snapped.

    Oh can't forget the Gem Shopping Network. The announcer (mc) likes to stretch the truth.

    Am editting my RHW' to only 3, BH NYC & OC.
  4. Oh, I got sucked into the Gator show shot in LA. The one where the hunt gators.

    Monster Fish scares the pee out of me. That one episode with the tiny fish that swims inside where no fish should be gave me nightmares.

  5. It's because Colby is nice to look at.:p:p
  6. That's the first one I saw! :nuts:

    Even the rivers in the US have some pretty bizarre stuff swimming around on in them. Like those fish that jump out of the water & hit people or lands in their boats.
  7. You should have seen my husband squirming while watching that epi. Priceless!!!

    You have got to watch the Gator show!!!
  8. That ain't no lie!! :biggrin:

    I also watch Snapped and on some days I can get sucked into the Dateline ID channel for HOURS watching how crazy people can get.

    I saw previews once for that Monster Fish and it freaked me out too much to watch the actual show. I like to swim in lakes and don't really want to think about what is actually swimming around in them.
  9. i like oddities on the science channel. it's like pawn stars except creepier, and thereby, more awesome. to me, anyway.
  10. RHWs, Top Chef, Fashion Show, and with my DH, I watch American Chopper, Pawn Stars, and Deadliest Catch :biggrin:
  11. I like the one called Parking Wars?:shrugs:. It takes place in Philly and in Detroit I think. Pretty fun stuff considering the people getting the tickets never blame themselves.
  12. Haha. I don't think these one's aren't weird enough.
  13. Oh my gawd. ME TOO!!!!! I watch snapped marathons, ID channel and the other one that shows Paula Zahns show.
  14. As you can see, I am not the first person on this thread to mention RHWs. As to what is considered "weird"--to each his/her own. :shrugs:
  15. Swamp men - about a privately owned (Seminole Indians) area in the Everglades. It was interesting.

    My DH thinks its weird I watch the RHW. (Since in his perception, all they seem to do is fight. lol) Actually a couple of my girlfirends thinks its weird too.